Why we completely rebuilt our video maker used by millions

Back in 2013, we started Biteable with the vision of building the world’s simplest video maker. Six years and 5 million users later, we’ve achieved our aim — Biteable is widely regarded as the simplest and most intuitive video maker on the market. Why then did we decide to start again from scratch? No, we’re not crazy. This is why.

A little more flexibility, please

At Biteable, we’ve always tried to listen to the needs of our users and early on we realized that they wanted simplicity. They wanted to create professional videos without the burden of creative decisions. They wanted to make videos in an instant.

‘Is it simple enough?’ became our mantra. This kept us on course (for about five years) and helped us build a product people loved.

But it wasn’t all roses and potpourri at Biteable HQ. We were also picking up frustration from our users. And that frustration could be summarized in a single sentence: ‘More flexibility, please.’

Are simplicity and flexibility compatible?

This got us scratching our heads. We knew our users wanted us to make the creative decisions for them, but they also wanted more control. Was it possible to give them both?

We decided to try. A year on and we think we’ve got the balance almost right.

Welcome to the all-new Biteable (beta)

Drum roll… Introducing the all-new Biteable, now available as a beta release.

Learn how to make a video in the all-new Biteable beta (in under 90 seconds).

You can jump straight in and make a video. Or read on to learn about its new features and content.

A fresh face awaits you

First up, you’ll notice that the new Biteable (beta) looks a little different to the original Biteable.

The all-new Biteable (beta) interface.
The original Biteable interface.

While it was time for a freshen up, we chose to redesign our interface for more technical reasons. As we developed new features and deployed new tech, we quickly realized that our old interface was no longer viable. We needed to start again.

Some familiar elements remain, like the scene-based timeline and the big canvas. Everything else is new. But don’t worry, Biteable is still as easy-to-use as ever.

New features you’ll love

We’re excited to share with you a trove of new features. Each feature addresses feedback shared with us by users and will (fingers crossed) make your video-making even easier.

Lightning-fast previews and downloads

There’s nothing worse than waiting to see your changes when editing and this was one of our users’ biggest bedbugs.

When building the original Biteable we chose a tech stack that rendered videos as the last step. This gave stunning results but frustrated users because it meant a lag between making an edit and seeing the result.

The all-new Biteable (beta) runs on a completely new, industry-leading tech stack that allows you to preview your video instantly and make corrections in real-time. No more twiddling those thumbs while you wait for your video to render.

Review your work with a click.

Easier access to images and footage

A common question we hear from new Biteable users is, ‘How do I add an image or a clip?’ The confusion is caused by the way we structured our original video maker.

In the original Biteable, only certain kinds of scenes would allow an image or clip to be added. In the new Biteable (beta), we’ve ironed out that kink and you can now add an image or clip to any scene.

Add an image or footage to any scene.

Woh-that’s-easy text animations

Animating text was something that the original Biteable did extremely well. But, it did this automatically. You couldn’t decide where your text sat. You couldn’t control how it animated. And you couldn’t go over a pre-defined character limit.

In the all-new Biteable (beta), you can drag and drop your text where you please. There is more than a thousand new fonts to choose from. You can write as much as you want. And you can select how it animates with a single click.

Animate your text with ease.

Social-friendly shapes like square and vertical

To ensure that your content fits perfectly in every social channel from Facebook to YouTube, the all-new Biteable (beta) features four output ratios. You can now choose ‘square’ for your social posts, ‘tall’ for stories, ‘mobile’ for social ads, and ‘wide’ for YouTube and your website.

Choose from four video shapes.

Fully custom watermarks

Ever dreamed of replacing the Biteable watermark with your own? You’re not the only one. Now you can make your logo visible from the beginning of every video with a custom watermark.

Make your watermark as prominent or subtle as you like.

Custom watermarks are great for boosting your brand recognition on social media. They’re also nifty for branding your corporate and business videos.

More content than ever before

But that’s not all. (What, there’s more?) You don’t get free steak knives, but the all-new Biteable (beta) does come complete with a heap of new content.

1.8 million new images and clips

To start with, we’ve added in two enormous new content libraries.

The first is for footage and contains more than 800,000 professionally filmed clips of everything from people and places to lamas and leopards.

Then there’s the new image library. This contains the entire Unsplash photographic library of more than 1 million images.

1.8 million royalty-free images and clips at your fingertips.

Every single clip and image is available to you on any plan, from free to paid.

Ga-ga-gorgeous new video templates

To showcase what’s possible with the all-new Biteable (beta), the team in the Biteable studio has created a raft of new templates.

Choose from promos, training vids, explainers, ads, social content, and more. See them all in the all-new template library (beta).

The all-new template library in the all-new Biteable (beta).

Where’s the old content?

Not everything has made the jump yet. But rest assured, we’re working on it.

I really liked those old animations

One of the most unique things about Biteable is our animation collection. Over the last four years, the Biteable studio has created thousands of high-quality animations that range from cute characters to sparkly effects and transitions.

Coming soon to the all-new Biteable (beta).

The bad news is that they’re not in the all-new Biteable (beta). Yet. We’re busy porting across all your old favorites so that you’ll soon have them at your disposal. These will start to appear in the app from January 2020 or earlier.

Where are my old videos?

For now, all your videos are right where you left them in the original Biteable. It’s not yet possible for us to migrate your old video projects because of, well, a tech thing. It’s complicated, but suffice to say we’re working on it.

The old Biteable is still available

For now, both the original and beta versions of Biteable are available for you to use. Which means you can pick and choose between the two, depending on what you’re making.

You can navigate between the old and new Biteable — when you’re logged in — by clicking Biteable 1.0 or Biteable 3.0 in the header.

  • To access the original Biteable video maker, choose Biteable 1.0. Use this when you’re making an explainer or need a particular animation.

  • To use the all-new Biteable (beta), click Biteable 3.0. Choose this option when you’re making videos for social media or you want an extra-big choice of clips and images.

You’re probably wondering why there’s no Biteable 2.0, right? Well, there was for a short while, but no one liked it, so we buried it in a shallow-grave and moved on.

Want to know more about the new Biteable (beta)?

If you have any questions about the all-new Biteable (beta), our customer support team is ready to help.

You can either get a team member through the chat bubble when you’re logged into Biteable. Or by sending the team a message over here.

Alternatively, you can jump straight into the all-new Biteable (beta) and make a video now.

We hope you love it 😘

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