Branded Scenes: A smarter way to make on-brand videos for teams and internal comms

Introducing a better way to brand your videos. Branded Scenes are dynamic video content designed to seamlessly absorb and reflect your brand. We created these time-saving new scenes so that your videos always reflect your most valuable asset — your brand.

On-brand videos in 3 simple steps

1. Fetch your brand

Enter your company’s URL and Biteable fetches your branding elements like font and colors. No need to find your brand book or ask the marketing team for your hex codes.

2. Select from hundreds of Branded Scenes

Pick the Branded Scenes you’d like in your video. Choose from intros, animated icons, animated text, characters, and more.

3. Your brand seamlessly applied

Everything magically transforms to match your brand, from animations to text to backgrounds. Fine-tune your color combinations on all or one scene with a single click.

What Branded Scenes look like

There are hundreds of Branded Scenes to choose from, each designed to mesh harmoniously with one another. Mix and match them to bring your message to life.

When you might use Branded Scenes

Branded Scenes lend themselves to use in communication roles like Sales Enablement, People Ops, Employee Engagement, and Recruiting. With Branded Scenes, it becomes straightforward to make flawlessly branded videos for your core messages like these.

Try Branded Scenes for yourself

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