How to create consistent video designs in Biteable Teams

Your company undoubtedly already has a brand style guide for marketing and external communications. But if you’re like many companies, this guide probably doesn’t cover internal comms.

If you are lucky enough to have a brand style guide that covers internal communication, chances are it doesn’t give much guidance on creating internal comms videos.

But design consistency is just as important for internal comms videos as it is for all your other assets.

Consistent branding and video style help you communicate your messages more effectively, make your videos more shareable, and streamline your video-creation workflows. In fact, establishing style guidelines is one of the lowest effort ways to boost the impact of your internal comms videos.

All you really need to do is adapt the guidelines in your current brand style guide to fit internal comms videos. This quick how-to guide gives you tips on how to do this, plus a few easy tricks for creating a consistent video style using Biteable Teams.

Follow these best practices for consistent video design.

Use a limited set of Branded Templates

Biteable Teams has a large library of Branded Templates. Using them greatly speeds up your video-making process, so we encourage you to do so whenever possible.

However, the key to creating consistency is using a limited number of these templates.

This makes it easier for anyone on your team to create videos, because they don’t have to sort through the entire library of templates to find one they think will fit. It also establishes a predictable style and pacing for all your internal comms videos, because they’ll all be based on the same set of templates.

A set of three to five templates will cover most internal comms use cases. Use brandable scenes to flesh out a template whenever you need additional video real estate.

Action steps:

  • Choose five templates from the Biteable Teams brandable templates library. Make sure these templates cover a wide range of use cases to fit your internal comms needs.
  • Specify in your style guidelines that these templates should be used for all videos.
  • If necessary, include guidance about which templates should be used for which use cases.

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Establish a focused style for your videos

As we mentioned earlier, you can use Branded Scenes to flesh out your templates.

As you create your video style guidelines, keep in mind that there are several types of animated scenes in Biteable Teams. The animation styles are distinct.

It’s wise to stick with a single animation style when you add these scenes to your videos. That way your visuals are consistent from video to video. This also simplifies the process of creating proprietary visuals — charts, graphs, and other assets — so they match the animation in your videos.

If you’d like to use varied animation styles, it’s best to use different animations for different types of videos, rather than changing up animations from video to video. For example, specify one animation style for C-suite update videos, another for training videos, and so on.

Additionally, using stock footage is an option in Biteable Teams. However, stock footage can be challenging to match with animation.You’ll need some specific guidelines for using stock footage in your videos.

Better yet, identify about 10 stock footage clips that match your chosen animation style and stick to using those clips if you want to add footage to your internal comms videos.

Establishing animation style standards this way simplifies video creation and ensures that the design is consistent throughout your entire video collection.

Action steps:

  • Check your Branded Scenes library and choose the animation style you prefer for each type of internal comms video your team creates.
  • Specify animation styles in your style guidelines.
  • Select a maximum of 10 stock footage clips from the library that match your chosen animation styles (or styles). Detail these clips in your style guidelines.

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Stick with a few color combinations

The Biteable Teams brand creator lets you store up to six color combinations. This makes it easy for anyone to jump in and create an on-brand video.

However, you should use these color combos tactically. There are two ways to do this.

The simplest method is to stick with two or three color combos. This makes video creation incredibly simple and minimizes the need for oversight and approval.

Alternatively, you can use all six color combinations and specify which types of videos each color combination applies to. That way, each video of a certain type uses the same set of colors.

This adds a little more variety to all your videos and makes it easy for viewers to identify what sort of video they’re watching. But it does require a slightly more involved video-creation workflow.

Both methods work fine. It’s just a matter of how simple you want your video-creation process to be.

Action steps:

Use the Biteable brand creator to generate color combinations based on your brand colors. If need be, specify in your brand guidelines which type of video each color combination applies to.

Standardize your text style

The most straightforward strategy for this aspect of video design is to choose a font and use that font for all of your videos. There’s not much benefit to complicating your video-creation process by using multiple fonts.

Therefore, it’s best to select a font in the Biteable brand setup and leave it.

Action steps:

  • Choose a font from the dropdown menu in the Biteable brand setup.
  • If you need to use a custom font, email it to your customer success manager at and we’ll add it to your account. (This feature is available for paid Biteable Teams users only. Not available during the trial period.)
  • Once you save the font in your Biteable Teams brand setup, it will automatically be applied to all new videos.
  • Just in case the font accidentally gets changed by one of your team members, specify the font in your brand style guide as well.

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Include logos for both light and dark backgrounds

Even though you’re using a limited number of color combinations, your logo scenes won’t always have the same background color. You need logos that look good on both light and dark backgrounds.

In most cases, two or three logo variations are enough to ensure you have a logo that works on every possible background color. Logos can contrast with the background or match it. That’s why two or three logo variations does the trick.

Action steps:

  • Upload a few copies of your brand logo in the Biteable brand creator by clicking the + symbol in the left menu.

  • Click the Frame color circle to change each logo background color and save the logos to create a collection of two or three that work with the light and dark backgrounds in your color combinations.

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