Facebook video templates

Unless you’re buds with Mark Zuckerberg or just ridiculously lucky, over the last few years the organic reach of your Facebook page posts has dropped dramatically.

Since 2014, bigger pages gradually lost their reach as the Facebook algorithm began to favor posts from families, friends, and, of course, paid ads. But all is not lost! Facebook users love video and the platform favors posts that use it. Creating short, eye-catching video updates can help put your posts in front of more people.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard on crafting some single scene templates. Use them to make snappy, entertaining videos that will loop (because they’re under 30 seconds), and can be enjoyed with the sound off — after all, 85% of Facebook users don’t switch the audio on!

Craft engaging updates

Give your latest post its best chance by creating a short Facebook video to go with it.

Add a dash of seasonal flavor

If the holiday season is just ’round the corner, we’ve got some snowy goodness waiting for you.

The Facebook Engagement Christmas with Robot template below is a great scene to use on its own or to combine with other holiday style scenes and embrace the spirit. It’s a green robot wearing a cute red hat surrounded by falling snowflakes. What’s not to like!?

If you’re looking for a more emotional take on the season, the Christmas Video Template is enough to make anyone feel warm and fuzzy. It tells the story of how the bear met his best bud, the yellow bird. It’s in line with the season’s best part — spending more time with the folks you love.

The third video, Christmas Scenes Video Template is just a good, all-round demo of some of our Christmas-themed scenes, so you can pick and choose the ones that work for you.

Jaw-dropping Facebook Ads

We’re not oracles, but Facebook ads and sponsored updates are bound to continue growing in popularity. So, if you’ve jumped aboard the paid media train, these scenes can help you take your ads to brand new stations (went too far with the train metaphor, didn’t we?)

Be Bear-licious

The Bear scenes are some of our cutest creations. Now you can use these short ones to add a little something extra to your Facebook ads.

Embrace the light side with the Facebook Ad Bear Selfie or go deeper and capture the likeness of the modern professional with the Facebook Ad Worried Bear scene. Offer a fully baked idea with the Facebook Engagement Cooking Bear or show your followers they aren’t alone with the Facebook Video Post.

Any way you look at it, there’s a scene that’ll make your ads easier to bear. (We’re so, so sorry about that last joke.)

Fun (and feels) with Frank

A great ad video isn’t always light. Sometimes, you need to tap in to those other emotions that keep us tossing and turning: fear, anxiety, pressure.

The scenes with Frank do just that. Frank’s been where your viewers are. In the Facebook Ad Paperwork Frank template, he’s literally getting crushed by the load of his work and the length of his to-do list. Frankly, he isn’t having the best day.

In Facebook Video Ad, a tired Frank is desperately overdue some rest and respite, like most of us working professionals. This scene is perfect for career coaches or consultants who want to tap into that hunger for change.

Frank can even help you encourage viewers to make the switch from a competitor’s product and finally come over to your side with the Facebook Ad Switching Frank.

Be bold and light the way

The Facebook Ad Shouting Rosa template boldly goes places, even if others have been there before. It puts the megaphone in your hand and makes sure the world is paying attention. It’s great for big reveals and introducing new products.

The Facebook Ad Lightbulb Moment template is perfect for leading up to your unique solution or telling people about your own personal ‘AHA!’ moment.

Short videos that go off with a BANG

People don’t head over to Facebook to watch long videos — that’s what YouTube and Netflix are for. We go to Facebook to catch up with people, check the news, and probably watch a couple of cute animal videos.

Keep your FB videos short, sweet, and to the point. Users are 5 times as likely to watch your video on a mobile device, so make sure you’re using the right format. Our short scenes can help you turn heads and capture hearts.

We hope you love our Facebook scenes as much as we do! Let us know what you think and hit us up on Facebook or on our support channel in the app if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future.