Promo video ideas

What you’ll notice if you study the best promo videos of the last couple of years is that they all manage to somehow engage the audience emotionally. There are two main ways they achieve this — by making you laugh or making you feel. Both of these methods lead to one end: millions of shares on social media platforms and a huge increase in brand recognition. Here’s a few examples of how some of the world’s top brands have managed to move tens of millions of people to actively seek out and watch their advertising.

The Laughs

Old Spice — The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

This ad has become a classic example of how to use over-the-top, wild humor to promote a product. With over 53 million views on YouTube, it’s not surprising that the success and notoriety of this video has spawned a slew of ads in the same vein.

TNT — A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square

This one is really just one of the most elaborate hidden-camera pranks of all time, but who doesn’t love a good practical joke? Unlike many great video promos, there is a strong link here between the subject of the video (a series of incredibly dramatic occurrences) and the thing it’s promoting (a television drama channel).

Blendtec - Will It Blend?

Widely acknowledged as one of the most successful promo video campaigns of all time, Blendtec have made over a hundred videos that prove how tough their blenders are by blending various seemingly unblendable items. Golf balls, iPads and marbles have all been puréed by Tom Dickson, CEO of Blendtec, leading to nearly 300M total views.

Dollar Shave Club — Our Blades Are F@%#ing Great

Here’s a textbook example of how a relatively low-budget video ad went viral (24M views on YouTube) and made the company very well known in a short amount of time. The secret is a CEO who comes across well on camera and a great, funny script that knows who its audience is and pitches perfectly at that level.

LG — So Good It’s Scary

This is another clever hidden camera-style setup that uses ‘ordinary’ people so that as an audience, we get emotionally involved because we can’t help but imagining ourselves in the same situation. We think “wow, if those people were fooled, LG televisions must be amazing.”

The Feels

Dove — Choose Beautiful

Dove — You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Don’t be ashamed if you teared up during these ads, as Dove very cleverly involves us in each promo by prompting us to examine something most of us care about deeply - ourselves. By positioning their brand alongside a set-up designed to make ‘ordinary’ people judge themselves less critically, they cause us to unconsciously link their products to a more positive self-image.

Always — Like A Girl

Another great, thoughtful campaign (although with a slightly tenuous link between subject matter and brand) that reveals how casual and subtle sexism can be ingrained in language without us even realising it. We then step back and wonder how many other ways we (both men and women) may be subtly devaluing women in society.

Wren — First Kiss

Although this video is undoubtedly interesting and has led to over 120M views on YouTube, the link between the product (Wren, a fashion label) and the video (strangers meeting and kissing on camera) is tenuous and the branding of the video is so subtle it’s almost invisible. One of the pitfalls of the modern promo style is that, if the branding is too subtle, even the most successful promo (in terms of number of views) might not translate into sales or brand recognition.

Hopefully these ideas will have inspired you to start thinking about what you might do in your own Biteable promo video campaign, and if so, you can start here with Biteable. Good luck, and if you have any success or feedback, don’t forget to drop us a line and let us know!