Kat Abianac on going viral

Kat is a blogger who enjoys spreading the word about her son Parker, who has Down Syndrome, and other inspiring people with Down Syndrome she has met through her work. Her mission is to spread awareness about the day-to-day realities of Down Syndrome.

We’re super excited about Kat Abianac’s new Biteable video.

As Kat says: “You can legislate inclusion, but not education and real awareness of what others’ lives are like. That has to come from within communities…giving people a small glimpse into the life of a family who has a family member with a disability can be a powerful tool towards understanding.”

The first we heard was when Kat contacted us to let us know that her video’s Facebook reach had gone up to 79,087 in just 48 hours and that “…people have consumed 11,292 minutes of my 68 second video!” Kat’s video has now had over 37,000 views in just over a week, so we thought we might find out some of her secrets for making a successful viral video.

Biteable: What do you do and how long have you been doing it?

Kat: On www.parkermyles.com I show little bits of our life – in all its mundane, always busy, frequently adorable glory. I also write about other people who have Down Syndrome and are doing amazing things I love on social media, and I write up their stories first to try to make sure the media who pick them up use the right language and are focusing on the right parts of the story.

Biteable: What social media platforms do you use to get your message out there?

Kat: I use Facebook, where Parker has a page and I have my own page. I’m also on Instagram and Twitter with my personal accounts.

Biteable: How many people typically see your social updates?

Kat: Each post engages on average 1500-10,000 people.

Biteable: How many people have seen your Biteable video now?

Kat: It’s had 37,263 views and has reached the newsfeeds of 109,000 people.

Biteable: What sort of effect do you think your video has had on people?

Kat: It was very relatable. I repurposed the content from a blog I previously wrote for my website that attracted a lot of traffic, so I knew the topic was exactly what my audience is already interested in. It was very relatable, so people shared it to their timeline as it helps to explain their lives to their friends. http://parkermyles.com/2015/11/08/special-needs-parent/

Biteable: Is this your first video?

Kat: This is the first Biteable video I’ve released on my own social media! I have used it for local businesses with good success.

Biteable: Why did you decide to try Biteable?

Kat: I was looking for an infographic video creator that allowed me to stay creative and focus on the content, rather than get distracted by the physical building and creation. Biteable ticked every box and I recommend it constantly to my groups.

Biteable: Have you seen an increase in internet traffic since you posted your Biteable video?

Kat: My traffic is primarily from Google and my socially shared blogs, but I had a spike of website visits from Facebook in the week after I published the video. Next video, I’ll be sure to include the link to the original blog and encourage more traffic!

Biteable: What did you do to promote your video?

Kat: I shared my video in 2 large special needs parenting groups and to my Facebook page. It was re-shared organically from there.

Biteable: What do you think made it so popular?

Kat: It’s important to consider WHY you are sharing. Is it educational, relatable or inspiring? Does it make people feel smart, make them laugh or evoke a strong reaction? If no, then reconsider your intention. Intention is everything! Never release content for the sake of it. People shared this particular video because it was extremely relatable.

The original blog was a collection of comments canvassed directly from special needs comments and I compiled the most popular ones.

Popular content is never what you expect. It’s why I watch social media to check what resonates with people. I can then repurpose that content and get it from within its niche audience (in my case, special needs parents) to a wider audience (mainstream social media).

Biteable: Any tips you’d give to other people trying to make a viral video?

Kat: Ask your audience what they want to see. Keep the video ideally 30 seconds, maximum 90 and remember not everyone will finish watching it. Know what your audience is watching. Utilize Facebook groups and check trending Twitter and Instagram hashtags, and repurpose the content in a way that adds real value. Don’t try to take people off the social platform they are on unless it’s directly related and adding even more value.

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