Real estate video marketing for realtors & estate agents

According to one study, real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more enquiries than those without. Real estate video marketing is a great weapon in your arsenal, particularly for visually-driven purchases like homes or offices. There really is no better way to showcase a house or building than with a video.

Showing a property to potential customers is time-consuming, yet mission-critical to finding the right match. Video content is a powerful tool for extending the reach of your real estate business. In the time it takes to give a house tour to one family, dozens of other potential buyers can learn about a property through your video marketing content online. Here are some great ways to put video to work for you.

Real Estate Videos & Tours

The best use case for video marketing for realtors is to produce a short video tour of the property you’re hoping to sell. Touring a property is a commitment in time, resources, and energy, both for realtors and potential buyers. Instead, consider hosting a real estate tour via video to cut down on wasted leads and to help buyers self-select if they want to view the house in person.

What goes into a good marketing video?

You don’t need a pricey production crew and editing suite to create a compelling, engaging video for your real estate business. Just by having a real estate video, your company can stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to get you started!

Property Listing Video Tips

Video tours and property listings are a great place to start when creating real estate video marketing material. One study discovered that 40% of prospective buyers find virtual video tours to be very useful. Keep these rules in mind when producing real estate videos.

Tell a story about a home. Help your prospective buyer see the house as a home. Skip the sales pitch and don’t just list the bells and whistles that come with the house. Describe what it might be like to live in the neighborhood, enjoy the local community, and relax after a day at work.

Focus on the features. What amazing details does this home have that no other house can offer? What are the key things that buyers care about most? Your video should be short and sweet. Few people have the attention span to listen to every single faucet and fixture a house has to offer. Focus on the things that will surprise and delight a potential buyer, and keep your video to two minutes in length at most.

Visuals are key. It pays to make sure your visuals stand out. As a real estate marketing video can serve to replace an in-person tour, you want to show off the space in its best light. Spend some time getting the right lighting, angles, and production quality you can. Use a wide angle lens to make the spaces seem less claustrophobic.

There’s no need to shell out cash left and right for fancy camera equipment. You can buy a $10 tripod for your (newer model) iPhone, along with some professional lighting equipment for around $30-$50. Paired with Biteable’s free, customizable templates, delivering a professional-grade real estate marketing video has never been easier.

Don’t forget the CTA. A video tour or property listing with no follow-up details is just an amateur episode of MTV’s Cribs. Include your contact info and some basic pricing information for the listing. Remember to close your video with a call-to-action: whether it’s subscribing to your channel for other listings, getting in touch for a tour, or putting in an offer.

You should also consider your video from the perspective of a homeowner looking to sell. 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with an agent offering to do a property listing video, but, only 9% of agents create videos. Your CTA might reach out to potential property owners as well as buyers.

Have a distribution strategy. How are your potential buyers going to find your videos? Obviously, YouTube is key. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google, and it is the most common destination for customers wishing to view real estate videos. Moreover, YouTube videos show up for over 55% of all Google top 10 search results. You may also consider Facebook or your email list to increase the share factor on your video content.

Other Types of Real Estate Videos

While short video tours are the most obvious videos realtors can create, there are lots of other uses for real estate videos. Use video to showcase the neighborhood, local attractions, schools, lifestyle, demographics — even your credentials as a realtor. Consider adding these other types of videos to your real estate channel.

Interview videos

Nothing is more powerful than word-of-mouth marketing, and interview videos are a great way to unlock that potential. As a real estate agent, you’ve likely put a lot of time into building your reputation. Working with mortgage lenders, home lenders, attorneys, and past clients gives you a solid base of referrals. Let your best connections speak on your behalf!

Live video

Instead of pre-recording your home tour, consider hosting a live video on Facebook, Twitter, or Insta-stories. Live video can add some authenticity to your marketing. Recording the video means you only have to shoot once, and the virtual tour can help customers picture themselves walking through the space with you. Answer questions about the property live, and know in real time what prospective buyers want you to focus on.

Community videos

A piece of property is one thing, context is a whole other story. Tell that story with a video about the local community. What’s the neighborhood like? What local businesses are in the area? Help your potential buyers picture what their potential lifestyle. Alternately, if you’re selling multiple homes in a development, you can speak about many different properties in one go. Use video to show fun events, like the fireworks or a local parade, as well as the schools, library, and entertainment the area has to offer.

Biteable offers lots of free, customizable templates to help you get started designing real estate videos. Get a leg up on the competition and start showing more homes today!

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