Shorten scene

We’ve just introduced a neat new feature: the ability to shorten scenes. Previously, all scenes were 5 seconds long, but now, when you’re in the Timeline step of editing a video, simply check a box underneath the scene preview to shorten the scene to 3 seconds. Here’s how to do it:

So now, when you only have a small amount of text on screen you can shorten the scene so it doesn’t feel like the scene drags.

PLEASE NOTE: on smaller screens you may need to scroll down to reveal the check box. This feature is not available on a small number of Upload Picture scenes as they simply didn’t work at that length.

This nifty feature was added in response to user requests, so if you have any ideas for features you think will improve the service, please don’t hesitate to hit us up on the support channel (click on the speech balloon icon in the bottom right of your screen when you’re logged in to your account).

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