Explainer Video Checklist

Find out if your explainer video is good to go with this quick checklist

  1. What tone best suits your message - conversational, businesslike, factual or silly? Will the tone suit the target audience?
  2. Can you explain what your video is about in 4 seconds or less? (If not, you might want to consider simplifying it.)
  3. Have you structured your script? Does it have an introduction, explanation and conclusion? Or a does it state a problem, pose a solution (usually in the form of your product or service) and end with a call-to-action (i.e. ‘call us now’ or ‘visit our website’)?
  4. Have you thought about storyboarding your script? With longer videos, creatives will often do a quick sketch with accompanying text or dialogue of each different shot or scene on individual pieces of paper, then pin each to a wall in sequence. This can be a good way to get a sense of the flow and structure of your animated explainer video, and what is and isn’t working before you even start.
  5. Do the visuals support the message? You want your message to appear stylistically coherent, so if you have chosen Biteable animation scenes, stick to the scenes that are visually similar to one another.

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