6 steps to create an awesome infographic

Create awesome infographics like a pro from our free templates or from scratch with Biteable, the world’s most simple online infographic video maker. This how-to guide will show you how to make infographics or data visualizations from our huge library of vector or footage scenes.

Step one

Collect your data. At the heart of every great infographic is the data, so think about how you can arrange your data in clever ways. One of the best examples of this is the juxtaposition of two pieces of data so they make an interesting point:

Example of juxtaposition

Juxtaposition is just one trick you can use however, but there are lots of ways to approach the design or organization of data visualization, which I have discussed in greater detail here.

Step two

Script it. Structure your data in a series of short sound bites of no more than 70 characters. Try to tell a story with your data. What point are you trying to make? Should you make the point straight away and then use the rest of the video to back it up, or should you start slow and build up to a big reveal?

Step three

Start editing. Sign up or log in to Biteable and either choose an infographic template or create a video from scratch. Remember that there are over 85,000 clips available if you sign up for a Premium Account.

Step four

Choose your colors. Biteable has a selection of pre-made color schemes, but you can also create your own. When in the Color stage, select one of your color swatches (the big ones at the bottom that say ‘abc’) to bring up the palette panel, then click the ‘+’ button to choose your own.

Choosing colors can be hard, Adobe Color is an extremely helpful resource, the color wheel picker will even give you a hex number that you can enter straight in to the Biteable color picker.

Step five

Choose your music. Music is an underrated but extremely effective part of any video. Biteable has a library of high-quality tracks to use for free, but sometimes you need music that’s quite specific or unusual, and there are a number of places you can get royalty-free music online.

Step six

Render your video. Now just hit the ‘Build My Preview’ button (or ‘Rebuild Video’ button if you’ve made changes), sit back and wait for Biteable to create your video. You’ll end up with a HD video that’ll be great for projecting on to big screens, putting on your website or uploading to social media. One word of warning though, you might have so much fun you’ll get totally addicted, so be careful.