How to make animated videos the easy way

Ready to create an animated video for your business? Before we show you how, let’s talk about why making an animated video is a smart idea in the first place.

Creating an animated video helps you:

  • Pull ahead of the competition. Businesses that use video grow 49% faster than those that don’t.
  • Get noticed and stand out. We remember 95% of a video’s message but only 10% of articles we read.
  • Get more social shares, engagement, and leads. Video gets shared 1200% more than images or text-based posts.

But making an awesome animated video isn’t easy. Most people think they’ve only got two options — hire an animator or go DIY and learn how to make videos from scratch.

Here’s what these options look like.

The old-school way of making animated videos

1. Mastering animation

If you’re a solid illustrator, have experience with graphic design, and are ready to invest serious time in mastering a new skill, you can learn how to make an animated video.

You’ll need hours of meticulous practice, study, and the right software. While you can get started with free, open-source software like Blender, eventually most animators will move on to popular options like the Adobe Suite.

2. Hiring an animator

Your second option is to hire an in-house animator or outsource video creation to an agency. Both options are probably more expensive than you think and come with some pros and cons.

If you hire an in-house animator, you won’t just pay their annual salary. You’ll need the same level of software you need to master animation yourself — options like the Adobe Suite, Maya, or Toon Boom. Plus, there’s the investment in continuous education.

If you hire a design agency on the other hand, you’re faced with high premiums and less creative control.

The smart way to create animated videos

Luckily, mastering animation and hiring a professional aren’t your only options. There’s a third way. One that’s perfect for smart businesses with tighter budgets who want exceptional quality.

Biteable brings you both the experience of multiple animation pros and the flexibility of DIY.

We have a team of amazing animators working tirelessly to create gorgeous templates using the latest techniques. Our people stay up to date with the hottest trends so you don’t have to.

Biteable also gives you the freedom to create your own custom-made animated videos. Our pre-made templates provide a convenient starting point. You can adapt them to suit your needs, and they have thousands of potential variations.

All that, at a fraction of the cost of options one and two.

How to make an animated video

Here’s how you can effortlessly create your very first animated video with Biteable.

1. Choose the perfect template

Head over to our animated video templates section and pick a template that fits with the sort of animated video you want to create. We’ve got dozens to choose from.

Click ‘Edit Video’ on the template you’d like to use.

2. Log into your Biteable account (or create one)

You can sign up (and in) using your Google or Facebook account. Or, if you prefer, you can create an account using your email.

3. Start editing your video

Time to make the template your own. You can:

  • Add custom text for each scene. Write in your own text, then choose from a selection of different fonts. You can apply the font style apply to each scene individually or to the whole video at once.

  • Move scenes around by dragging and dropping. To rearrange the scenes, just click on the scene you’d like to move and drag it to its new location on the timeline.

  • Add or delete scenes. Click on the green plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner and choose from hundreds of different animated scenes. Delete unwanted scenes by clicking the circle on the scene thumbnail in the timeline and choosing Delete from the drop-down menu.
  • Add custom footage. Click on the green plus sign again, then click on ‘Footage’. Choose from our basic or Premium footage — there’s something for everyone. You can apply different text and effects to Premium or uploaded (but not Basic) footage by selecting the scene in your timeline, then clicking on the ‘Style’ tab above where you write your custom text.
  • Upload your own images, graphics, and videos. Tap that green plus sign and click ‘Upload’. Pick a scene that supports images or videos, then upload your assets to Biteable. (Looking for high-res, royalty-free images? Here’s how to find some.)
  • Customize the color scheme. Choose one of our pre-made color palettes or create your own so your animated video matches your brand.

  • Add the perfect soundtrack. Pick a track from our collection, upload a royalty-free track, or upload a custom voice over.

4. Publish your video

After you finish editing, choosing colors, and adding music, click ‘Build My Preview’ on the Preview page to make your video.

Once you’ve make sure your video is up to snuff, hit Publish. If it’s not quite there yet, you can go back to the Timeline page to change things at any time.

With a free Biteable account you can send the video link to anyone, share the brand new animated video directly to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, and/or embed the video on your website. The drawbacks with a free account are that you can’t download your videos, you can only make five videos per month, and your videos will have a Biteable watermark.

To download your animated video and remove the watermark, you’ll need to upgrade to Premium. Premium also gives you access to thousands of royalty-free video footage clips, you’ll be able to make unlimited amounts of videos, and you’ll be able to upload your own footage.

Use your brand new animated video to turn some heads

Now you’ve got an animated video in your marketing arsenal you’ve got a lot of options. You can:

  • Share it on social media
  • Use it in an ad campaign
  • Add it to your welcome email sequence
  • Embed it on a landing page
  • Add it to a thank you page
  • Make another because they’re so fun to create

Creating an animated video with Biteable is fast and easy. Plus, it takes a fraction of the time, money and energy you’d have poured into mastering animation or hiring expensive contractors and employees. So get crafting and reap the benefits of a great animated video.