Make Videos for Instagram

Your Instagram account is full of gorgeous images that compel your followers to stop and hit that like button. However, over 300 million people log in every day and this makes winning attention harder.

As this popular image sharing app continues to gain momentum, video can help you stand out from the crowd.

You’ve got three distinct Instagram video options: Instagram Live, Instagram Stories and, of course, in-feed video. Each is uniquely suited to help you achieve specific marketing objectives. In this post we’re going to focus on Instagram in-feed video and take a look at how it can help you make your account stronger.

Getting started with Instagram in-feed video

Uploading a video to your feed is similar to uploading an image. Instagram supports videos that are:

  • Between 3 and 60 seconds long
  • Either recorded through your phone or uploaded from your phone’s library. You can’t directly share videos from another platform like YouTube.
  • Using a square, landscape, or vertical format

As long as your specs are on point, you’ve got plenty of options for making the actual video. Let’s check it out.

How to make Instagram videos on your phone

Instagram has been all about mobile from the beginning. That’s where the app is at its best. While Instagram’s own video-making app is adequate for shooting video, editing options are almost nonexistent. If you want more control over what the video looks and feels like, you need to rely on external apps. Luckily, there are plenty of options and we’d love to share two of our favorites!

If you’re an Apple user, you can use Clips to create great interactive videos on your phone. This is a relatively new addition to the Apple tool suite so your phone has to be up to date.

With Clips, you can shoot the video from within the app. The actual editing is limited- you can trim the video but you can’t delete parts from the middle. However, the app really comes into its own with the effects! You can shoot in different art styles, add filters, labels and stickers, add music and use subtitles. It’s perfect for short, fun videos that feel a little different.

Looking for more editing power? FilmoraGo is available for IOS and Android, and gives you plenty of it.

Shoot a video on your phone or upload one to your phone library, then add it to the app. From there, you can edit to your heart’s content.

You can add a general overlay (the screenshot above uses one called Chaplin.) Then you can dive into the granular and add subtitles, a voice over, different transitions, music, filters, you name it.

The overlays in particular allow you to create videos that fit with the visual theme of the rest of your Instagram posts, making it super useful for instant brand recognition. All the options we mentioned are available in the free version, though there’s plenty of other features you can buy as well.

Use an online Instagram video maker

Not every video you upload needs to be shot on your phone! You can use a simple video maker for Instagram like Biteable (hey, that’s us!) to create short, fun videos your followers will love.

Simply pick one of the hundreds of free templates we’ve got in the library and customize until it’s perfect. You can upload your own images, footage and music, and change the color scheme to fit your brand.

How to post YouTube videos on Instagram

YouTube videos tend to be much longer and more detailed than Instagram videos, so a lot of creators don’t cross-promote them. However, Instagram can be the perfect way to tell your followers about what’s going on on your YouTube channel.

Instagram’s video limit for an in-feed video is 60 seconds, so you can’t usually upload a complete YouTube video to Instagram. What you can do is edit it down to its best parts.

Content marketer Brittany Berger uses Instagram to promote her YouTube channel by creating short teaser-style videos that introduce her longer YouTube videos.

So how do you do this? You’ll need to:

1 Decide on the video’s purpose: Why are you sharing this video to Instagram? What will it help you do? What action do you want your followers to take after seeing it? This will help you figure out the best way to edit the video

2 Edit your video: Create your video by trimming the content down to the introduction or put together a trailer with a couple of great points that tease the rest of the content!

3 Set the format: Convert the video to the right format

4 Upload to Instagram: To upload the video to Instagram you’ll need to download it to your phone’s library or a cloud-based app, then upload it through the Instagram app

5 Add the relevant description and assets: Add tags, geolocation, and a description (just like you would for any other post)

With a bit of creativity, you can turn your YouTube assets into effective Instagram posts!

Instagram video tips

Every social media platform has its own secret sauce when it comes to video and Instagram is no different. To make your video pop, you’ve gotta make sure it’s perfectly suited for your specific audience.

Here are some tips for making a winning video.

1 Stay on spec: Check out the latest optimization specs (they change randomly) and make sure your video is up to snuff

2 Experiment with different formats: Instagram gives you three video formats: landscape, square, and vertical. While square is traditional, the other types are starting to grow in popularity. Experiment with them and see how your audience responds to each.

3 Keep it snappy: Keep your video short, sweet, colorful, and to the point

4 Stay on-brand: An effective video needs to have the same feel as the rest of your feed. This means staying within your color palette and capturing your brand’s feel. Even though you’re experimenting with a different medium, it’s still essential that users can pick you out in a crowd

Making the most of video on Instagram

Adding video to your Instagram marketing strategy can help engage your followers and stand out! You’ve got a ton of options, so pick one that works for you and try it out today!