Uploading Pictures

To add a picture or logo, add a scene on the Timeline and in the Scenes menu on the left, choose Upload Picture. Select one of the scenes and click on the Your Image box. Then drag and drop your logo or picture from your computer or device into the window.

TIP: When you drag your file over the box marked “Drag File Here”, wait for the striped box marked “Drop to upload” to appear before letting go of your mouse button or the upload may not work properly.

If you get an error message when trying to upload your pictures, it may be because you are trying to upload the wrong picture file type or the picture is too big to be uploaded properly. Read on to learn how to fix this.

File Types

The file types Biteable will accept are: JPG, PNG or GIF

You can check if you have the right file type by right-clicking the file and choosing Properties (PC) or Ctrl-click (or right-click if you have a two-button mouse) and choosing Get Info (Mac). If your file is not a JPG, PNG or GIF you will need to convert it to one of those formats before it is uploadable to Biteable. See the Editing or converting your file section below to learn how to fix this.

File Sizes

Under 3MB
1280x720px (full screen pictures)
At least 1000px wide (logos)

To upload to Biteable, your picture files need to be under 3 megabytes. When we say file size we can mean either the physical size when displayed on screen or how much space the file takes up on your hard drive. Physical size is measured by pixels (px) and the size on your hard drive is measured by kilobytes and megabytes (1000KB (kilobytes) = 1MB (megabyte).

To fit properly without cropping, a picture that you want to be full screen should be 1280px wide by 720px high. Logos can be almost any size but if it is less than 1000px wide you begin to notice a drop-off in quality. Most Biteable logo scenes will work best if your logo has a white background.

Editing or converting your file

There are a lot of great free picture editing programs available to help you change the size or file type of your pictures. Pixlr is a good one.