Uploading to YouTube

There are two ways to upload your Biteable video to YouTube. First of all, anyone with a Google account automatically gets a YouTube account so it should be fairly easy to do. However, if you already have a YouTube account that is separate from your Google account and you’d like to use that instead, things get a bit tricky.

Uploading with your Google account

Before you start, make sure you are logged in to your Gmail account, the Biteable account linked to your Google account AND the YouTube account linked to the same Google account. You will also need to have created a YouTube channel for the video to be uploaded to. When you’ve made your video, we send you an email with a download link. Open this email, click on View It and it will open a browser window where you can play your video. In the bottom right of the viewer there is a button called Post to YouTube. NOTE: You will only be able to see this button if you are logged in to your Biteable account in another browser window. You will then have to allow Biteable to manage your YouTube videos and it should upload from there.

Uploading at YouTube.com

First, log in to or create your YouTube account and your channel, then log in to your Biteable account and download your video by going to My Videos and clicking on the download button next to your video (it’s the one shaped like a cloud near the View Video button. Once you have the video on your computer, go to your YouTube Channel Dashboard, click the Upload button in the top right hand corner.

How do I upload to a different YouTube account?

You can revoke our permissions to the account by going to this section: https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions Once you’ve done that you should be able to associate the other account with Biteable.