Using a Video Landing Page to Boost Conversions

An effective landing page is the online equivalent of a charming, empathetic sales rep who understands your worries and reassures you before you even voice them.

Hang on. How can a page on the internet connect with you as well as a real person?

I’ve got one word for you: video.

Using video on your landing page can help increase conversion rates by 80% and help you build a stronger personal connection with your viewer.

At Biteable we are, understandably, obsessed with video. Text is great but can be limited. When you read something, your inner tone is linked to your current mood. So, if you’re annoyed and start reading a great landing page, you’re far more likely to add a pessimistic slant to the offer.

Adding video to your landing page eliminates the problem. Instead of passively reading, you’re actively listening to a real person addressing your very real worries. To make it easy for you, we’ve created some templates specifically designed for high conversion landing pages.

But, while video is awesome, it can be hard to figure out what type of video to create. That’s why we’ve put together a few diverse examples of killer landing pages that use smart videos to drive conversion.

Video landing page examples

1) The explainer video

The explainer video is a great way to break down a complex product and show how it works in action.

Crazy Egg sells a heat map tracking tool that lets users see exactly where visitors are clicking (and not clicking) when they land on a specific web page. It’s a super visual way to see exactly what’s working and what’s driving people away, and can help business owners create more effective sites.

The problem for Crazy Egg was that the tool could be quite complex to explain, so the team put together a short video that speaks directly to their ideal user and answers the question that keeps them up at night: Why aren’t my visitors converting?

The video is effective because it shows how the product’s features work together to offer the solution you’re looking for. Using a video instead of text keeps the landing page short, concise and to the point - something the busy small business owners Crazy Egg are targeting will appreciate!

Smart Nora, the snoring solution your partner’s been dreaming of, employ a slightly different approach.

They use video to build up the pain until it is incredibly fresh in the viewer’s mind. The use of common scenarios most of us have experienced at some point makes it feel even more real. Then, when the need has been firmly established, Smart Nora is introduced as the solution.

This is a pretty standard sales technique, but using video to help the visitor visualize the problem increases the power of the solution.

To increase conversions on your own landing pages using the explainer-style video, focus on one key problem your product solves, then show exactly how your product solves the problem.

Remember, effective landing pages focus on a single problem at a time. An effective video will be sharp, targeted and precise, and will really drive the solution home.

2) The personal connection

While most of us like to think we’re ruled by facts and logic, when it comes down to it, emotion is the key driver behind purchasing decisions.

Use video to build a personal bond with the viewer.

Gina Horkey does a great job of creating a personal connection with visitors on her 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success e-course landing page.

Her video isn’t polished. It’s shot in her home office- the same place she built a six figure business in under 2 years. Gina built her brand around authenticity and this video highlights that. It’s raw, personal and it immediately connects to her target audience, the busy thirtysomething working parent.

Great videos don’t all look the same. What works for one audience won’t work for another.

So, when creating a personal connection video, stay true to your brand, understand what your audience is looking for and give them something of real value. The quality of your personal connection directly affects your conversion rates.

3) Share a customer success story

Sharing a real world customer success story is an incredibly powerful piece of social proof. It demonstrates to potential customers that other people have already chosen to use your product and experienced success.

TouchBistro takes their demo booking landing page to the next level by including a customer story.

At this stage of the process, the customer is informed - they know who you are and what you stand for. What they need is a little bit more persuasion to take the next step.

TouchBistro show exactly how their software helped a restaurant increase nightly profits by $2000 while making life easier for staff and customers. There’s a very powerful value proposition here that’s made even more effective by using video to creatively tell that story.

The video directly addresses common concerns the decision-makers in a restaurant would have, and neatly shows how TouchBistro’s product answers all of them.

When crafting a video story for your own landing page, ask yourself what your customers struggle with the most. Use concrete examples to show how your product works in the real world. Tying it all together in that way can have a real impact on conversions.

4) Differentiate yourself from the competition

Using a video on your landing page can help set your business apart from competitors.

PageCloud is a good example of a business that uses video to effectively differentiate themselves from other website building tools.

The landing page is far from perfect - the video is small and doesn’t expand when you play it, and it’s positioned where most people won’t really notice it - but it’s worth a look because of the things it does really well.

It hits the problem head on: creating great web pages can be hard. Next, it clearly demonstrates how current solutions aren’t working, and then it shows how PageCloud does it better.

Use video to clearly illustrate why your solution is superior to that of your competitors and then show it in action.

Video landing pages work

If you take one thing away from the examples we’ve covered in this post, I hope it’s the sheer diversity of landing pages where using a video can be incredibly effective in boosting conversions.

You can create video for any target audience as long as you’ve got a clear idea of who they are and what they’re looking for. So, next time you create a landing page, why not add a video to support your message and really drive it home?