Video logo maker

A video logo marks the start of something important. When the lamp jumps on the “i” in the Pixar logo, for example, you know that the chances you’ll cry in the next two hours just increased exponentially.

Pixar Logo

Video logos are instantly recognizable. They set the scene and get you excited about what’s to come. Just as a teaser trailer gets you psyched for the movie, a video logo uses your relationship with the brand to get you ready for the main event.

Static logos work, but they don’t have the same magic. When the MGM lion roars, letting you know the fun’s about to start, it creates excitement. A static picture of a lion wouldn’t pack the same punch.

The benefits of using a video logo don’t just belong to big film distribution companies. YouTubers and businesses that regularly use video content can reap the benefits of a well-made logo.

Video logo examples

A great video logo captures the mood of the brand and distils it into a shareable moment, usually less than 30 seconds long, that viewers will come to associate with the brand itself.

Video logos can create distinct moods and leave very different impressions. Let’s take a look at some different video logo animations.

1. The highly stylized, epic logo

20th Century Fox Logo

The drums roll as the camera swoops in over the 20th Century Fox logo, illuminated by floodlights and rising, triumphant, on the edge of Hollywood. Everything about this logo, from color choice and positioning to music, embodies boldness and spectacle. This brand isn’t confused about who they are and what this logo means.

2. The softer logo

DreamWorks Logo

The DreamWorks logo is calm and relaxing, embodying the name of the brand. Soft music accompanies the visuals. A little boy sits on the moon, fishing in the blue waters below. The logo embraces various shades of blue and white, creating a sense of peace and wonder.

As we zoom out on the logo itself, the music picks up energy before gently dropping again. It’s a gentler excitement that prepares the viewer for the storytelling to come.

3. Using your past achievements in your logo

Marvel Studios Logo

With a runtime of a little over 30 seconds, the new Marvel Studios logo is one of the longest ones out there. Marvel know their audience and are perfectly aware of the power of the movie franchise they’ve built in the last ten years.

They start with a more traditional opening, using sketches from the comic books, and gradually move to scenes from the Marvel movies, symbolising the transition of these characters from comic page to big screen. This is a clever way to bring together the different parts of the brand, remind us of their past achievements, and set us up for what’s to follow.

4. Keeping it simple

Zabrena Logo

Not every logo needs fanfare, floodlights, and a full band. YouTube content creators like Zabrena understand the power of using a video logo online. It gives viewers a couple of seconds to settle in and shift their focus to the video. Her logo is simple: the name of her channel, written in an elegant, stylized scroll, with gentle music in the background.

Video logo tips

Great video logos come in all shapes and sizes, from the totally epic to the simple but effective. Whatever the style, winning logos share certain key characteristics. When you create your own video logo, these best practices can help you stay on track.

1. Keep it short.

The best logos are between 5 and 20 seconds long. Even the Marvel logo doesn’t stray beyond the 30 second mark, and they have built a lot of goodwill and loyalty with their audience over the years.

Think of your video logo as a palate cleanser. Like the little tiny glasses of sorbet served at fancy restaurants to reset your taste buds before the next course, a video logo clears away the stress and excitement of the day, and focuses your attention on what comes next.

2. Pick the right music.

The sound is as important as the visuals! The MGM logo wouldn’t be the same without the lion’s roar. The Universal Pictures logo wouldn’t be half as good without the epic instrumental music that accompanies it.

Chose your music carefully. It needs to support your message. Be clear about what you’re trying to communicate. What emotion do you want to make the viewer feel? Are you trying to generate excitement? Awe? Inspire a little bit of fear?

The music should enhance the visuals and lift them to new heights. Most of us don’t have access to a full band or a brilliant composer, so we put together a list of great sources of royalty free music for your video logo.

3. Create it with your audience in mind.

A great video logo animation is in the eye of the viewer. Big film studios have a fairly diverse audience, so their logos have to appeal to several large and different segments of society. If your ideal audience is quite niche, you can afford to make something that will directly appeal to their unique needs and sensibilities.

Your logo should represent what you and your brand stand for. If you run an e-commerce store that specializes in Halloween and horror-inspired accessories and content, a flickering logo with soft, creepy music or sudden, loud, and discordant notes could work well.

Looking for a Video logo maker?

Need some cool (and free) logo maker software? We’ve got your back! Making a video logo with Biteable is quick and easy. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log into your Biteable account. If you don’t have one yet, set one up!

2. Once you’re inside the dashboard, click on Create new video

3. Select Start from scratch

4. Name your new project

5. Add a new scene and click Upload picture

Here you’ll find a lot of different options for your logo. Chose the scene that closest aligns with your brand. Check out the video below to see a selection of our logo scenes in action.

Biteable Logo Templates

Pick something that will really resonate with your audience and support your overall message, and that fits with your visual style.

6. Upload your logo to the scene

Upload your logo and add any text you want (if there’s a text box - not all logo scenes have text). To finish your video logo, go through the various steps at the top of the screen (Color, Audio, Preview). Choose your brand colors (but remember that not all logo scenes require colors to be chosen) and either upload your own music or use a track from our library.

7. Build your preview

Once the details are sorted, click on Build my preview and we’ll prepare your video.

After a few moments, you’ll have a brand new logo video on your hands, to use any way you like, including converting it to a GIF, learn how here.

Set the mood with a video logo

A video logo wears many hats. It sets the mood, helps build brand awareness, and gives the viewer a few seconds to prepare for your content.

Why not make one for your brand today and see where it can take you?