5 Great Video Presentation Ideas

Making a video presentation and stuck for ideas? Here are 5 of the best to help you create one with style.

There are a number of proven ways to make people sit up and take notice of your next presentation video. We’ve compiled five of the best.

Tell a story

The current thinking in marketing is that the best way to engage people is not to offer them deals but to tell a story, the more personal the better. True stories about real people are seen as being more honest and compelling so most people will empathise or at least identify with the protagonist. Below is a great video presentation idea.

Watch this video and we guarantee you’ll want to give Lisa a job.

Use a visual metaphor

Research has shown that combining pictures and text is one of the best ways to help people engage with and retain information. There’s something about how our brain works that makes text by itself far less memorable, so if you can combine something visual with your message you’ll keep people’s attention longer and they will remember more fine details about your presentation.

Here’s a creative video presentation idea using visual metaphors.

Ask questions

By asking questions you will force people to really think about your topic rather than just waiting for it to be over. A classic idea is the “fill-in-the-blank” trick, to leave a key word blank and have people try to guess what the word is. If you get people thinking about your topic they’ll be more likely to pay attention to your message.

Use music

Music, much like visual metaphors, has been proven to sustain an audience’s attention and aid in information retention. Music is used in the movies to enhance or suggest an emotional state to the viewer, so why not in a video presentation? Modern, up-tempo music will snap people to attention at the right moment while slow, minor-key sounds relax the brain, which is useful for reviewing content so it can slip more easily into long-term memory. To learn more, The International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning has a great article on this.

Use humor

Nothing is more memorable than a video presentation with a sense of fun. If you can create the right balance between getting your idea across and the humor part, you will have a winning presentation that everyone will love. While the video below isn’t exactly achievable with Biteable it is a very good example of how some fairly mundane information can be transformed with a bit of humor.

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