‘X’ marks the new Treasure Chest scenes

Unearth a new trove of animations worth their weight in video gold. What’s inside? Dazzling backgrounds, professionally designed animations, and a little something for everyone.

An assorted jackpot of animations

If you’ve been digging for animations that are a little different, consider this notice that your shovel has hit the jackpot. Discover a variety of animated backgrounds and characters to put your message into motion.

You’ll find a big range of colorful backgrounds ideal for engagement and abstract backgrounds for business videos.

A big bounty of animated characters also awaits you, from fireworks and champagne glasses to a dancing cactus and zen teacup.

Every scene in the Treasure Chest set is easy to customize. Change the colors to bring your brand to the screen.

The Treasure Chest scene set is available for all Biteable users — including our Free plan. Make a video to dig up the Treasure Chest scenes for yourself.

How to discover the Treasure Chest animations

  1. Log in or sign up to Biteable
  2. Start a new video project or pick a template
  3. Click “Add” in the Biteable editor, then “Animations”
  4. Scroll to the “Treasure Chest” scene set
  5. Click the animations and backgrounds you want to use
  6. Hit “Edit” to customize colors and watch them in your video

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