You’ve finished the visual side of things now it’s time to jazz your video up with some music. There are plenty of good music options, here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Royalty free music

A royalty is a payment made to the owner of intellectual property every time it’s used. The owner collects payments over time for an asset that is created once.

Now, let’s not confuse Royalty free and free. Royalty free means you need to pay a once off fee to use the track.  Think of it like tax free, just because it’s tax free doesn’t mean you get it free. There are heaps of royalty free music options out there including Premium Beat, Bensound, Audiojungle and incompetech.

It’s more affordable as a royalty free license gives you the right to use copyrighted music without the need to pay royalties for recurring use.  Royalty free music is to be used under the conditions specified in the license terms; which can differ from one to another.


Free music

Free music can be found at jamendo, mp3juices and Purple planet.  Some can’t be used for commercial purposes others have no restrictions at all.

This is a great way of saving yourself some coin.  However, you may need to credit the author, there is limited choice and often the quality is poor.


Make your own

To make your video unique why not create the music yourself? Whether you’re a Mozart or a Kanye West there are programs out there to do just that.

By creating an original track you will make your video unique and you’ll stand out from the crowd.  You can start by going to Soundation or Jukedeck.


Biteable Music

We’ve got loads of great music built in to the Biteable app; 41 songs in fact. Just pick the track you like.  From folk dancing to bass dropping, head bopping and guitar rocking. There should be something that suits most videos.  No need to worry about copyright issues; we’ve the licenses to use all music.

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What to avoid

  • Don’t upload songs that you don’t have permission to use in your videos
  • Avoid poor quality music.  The higher the quality the better (e.g. 320kbps)
  • Use music with consistent sound without peaks and troughs
  • Tracks with long introductions aren’t going to work
  • Music with vocals can be a bit distracting
  • Choose music that fits the purpose.  Don’t choose death metal for a childcare centre promotion; a lullaby style track would be more appropriate.


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