Cool New Feature: Duplicate Scene

Now you can add duplicate scenes on your timeline without having to browse the scene library!

In our continuing quest to make Biteable as user friendly as possible, we’ve made a cool new time-saving feature for you: duplicate scene. If you’re using the same scene twice or more (maybe you’re using the same scene as an intro and outro, or as a repeated motif throughout), now there’s no need to search through the scene library multiple times to find it.

How it works

When you’re at Stage 1 (‘Scenes’) of making your video, simply select the scene you want to duplicate on your timeline and click on one of the two duplicate scene buttons. This will create a duplicate of the scene that you can then drag forwards or backwards on the timeline.


Duplicate scene buttons

The new scene will contain the same text as the original (if you had any), but will not duplicate any uploaded images or videos.


The new scene

We hope you’ll find this new feature useful, and remember, we’re always looking for new ways to improve, so if there’s anything you’d like Biteable to do, drop us a line and let us know!