How to get 200,000 views to your YouTube channel

Not long ago we had few views or followers on the Biteable YouTube channel. An empty YouTube channel is a sad sight so we decided to do something about it. A year on followers are picking up nicely and we’ve cracked 200,000 views.

How did we do it?

Quality is key

We published a lot of videos; 183 to be precise. However there was more to YouTube views than the number of videos we had. We made sure our videos had varied, high quality and relevant content.  Posting videos regularly built excitement and encouraged users to come back for more. We also used clear and concise titles that let viewers know what the video was about.

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Video embedding

We embedded videos on our homepage and other pages of our website. We had the latest video on our homepage to make our organization look fresh, current and relevant.  The aim was to capture the YouTube viewer’s attention by putting the video in a prominent position. Video is permanent content that can be used again and again as a resource for the viewer. When a viewer discovered our content that interested them they were likely to return to discover new content.

It’s time to get social

We shared videos on social media using a variety of social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The more a viewer was exposed to a video the higher the chance they would watch it.  It also gave them the opportunity to share the video. When viewers shared videos on social media they ranked higher in search engine results.

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YouTube retargeting

When viewers showed interest in our product by watching a video we used retargeting of Youtube ads to generate more views.  We re-advertised to our YouTube viewers which was an affordable way of marketing to people that were already interested in our product.

All about email

One of the best ways to reach viewers was with videos that gave them assistance.  Our support emails included how-to videos.  How-to videos are amongst the most searched content on YouTube and we used how-to videos to show our customers the best ways to use our product.   We also included videos in our emails that promoted new features, scenes and templates.

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Will all this work for me?

No, probably not. The techniques that will work for you depend on your business, industry, team and budget. Hopefully out of this lot there will be few tips that could work for you though and it will get you thinking about testing some techniques of your own. We’d love to hear how you go.