Make videos for Facebook

Why Post Videos to Facebook?

Facebook has more users than Twitter and Instagram combined, and most businesses now have a Facebook page, some even regarding it as critical to their success.

Pictures and text make up the bulk of content on an average Facebook news feed but videos are more eye-catching. Facebook users engage more with video than any other kind of content, despite video being only a small percentage of what’s there, and due to this, Facebook’s algorithms actually give more prominence to video in the news feed.

So, depending on how you approach it, Facebook is pretty much the perfect destination for your videos on the internet. The trick is to make your page or video posts relevant to the users who are browsing in their spare time and who therefore may be hostile to traditional forms of advertising.

Tailor Your Content To Facebook

There are a couple of things to remember when creating videos for Facebook.

  1. The golden rule is to make your social media content entertaining or interesting. You’re better off concentrating on making one highly engaging post a fortnight than five boring ones. As many viral campaigns have proven, people actually don’t mind watching ads, and might even come back later or show other people if they enjoy them.
  2. Keep it punchy. People will stop watching very quickly if you are boring so pare your message down to the bare essentials.
  3. Facebook videos on mobile will loop silently, so make it as visually interesting as possible so people will want to click on it, or even try to make it communicate your message without sound at all. People might not even click on your video but they will watch a few seconds regardless. For non-mobile devices, be sure to choose a compelling thumbnail to display as this is critical in getting people to watch your video.
  4. ‘Native’ video (i.e. video uploaded directly to Facebook) is given precedence in the News Feed over videos linked to third-party sites like Facebook. Once your video is on Facebook you can boost its visibility further by making it a Facebook ad. You can pay to target your ad to a specific audience, limiting it to age, location, gender or their interests, or even just people who are similar to people who have liked your page.

Ideas for Videos to Create:

  1. Micro-video advertising a special, time-limited deal.
  2. ‘Behind-the-scenes’ or ‘Vox Pop’ videos that help people to meet you or your team are a great idea to humanize or position your business as part of the community.
  3. ‘How-to’ or ‘Hints and Tips’ videos that quickly explain how to do something simple relating to your industry and establishes you as an authority in your field.  

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