We get asked all the time what makes a good explainer video. Here’s some of the basics for starters:

Keep it short

Everyone on the web has an acute form of Attention Deficit Disorder. There’s too much information and not enough time to look at it all so we skim read. Make it simple for your audience and keep your explainer videos short and sweet. We recommend 30 seconds to 1 minute tops. You don’t need to cover everything in one video, you just need to give people enough of a teaser to take the next step.

Dot points

To keep your video short you can only really cover a few short points. Start by writing down everything you want to cover as dot points. Next go through and underline only the most critical points. Lastly delete anything that’s not underlined, that’s all fluff, get rid of it.

Forget about features

Biteable let’s you make videos that are HD  (1280 x 720) from content that is designed by professional animators. It also let’s you make awesome videos. Forget the feature details and focus on the core benefit of using your business. In our case you’ll make an awesome video, the rest is unnecessary detail.

Use a single call to action

I see this one a lot, way too many calls to action. It usually goes something like this:
– “Why not try our software today?”
– “Start your free trial”
– “or simply call one of our sales team”
– “or follow us on Twitter”
– “or….blah blah blah”
Multiple calls to action are a great way of wasting valuable time. Stick to a single call to action for the main next step you want your viewers to take. E.g. Try it for FREE at

Don’t use fiverr

How professional your video looks gives potential customers a glimpse of how professionally you run your business. I don’t care how you make them but don’t use any service that makes amateur looking videos. Would you let an amateur do your tax return? No, so don’t let them loose on your customer facing marketing.