My Videos Facelift

It’s been a while coming but we finally got around to giving the My Videos section a complete redesign. It looks better but more importantly it’s actually useful now.

So, what have we changed?

New Interface

We’ve redesigned the layout to make finding and managing your videos simpler.


Delete Videos

Finally, our most requested feature has been added and you can get rid of those old drafts and videos you don’t need anymore.  Just click the trash can and watch them disappear forever. Bye bye old videos.


View & Build

There’s a couple of new buttons that will appear depending on the state of your video project. If your video has not been built you’ll see the Build Video button.


Once you’ve clicked the Build Video button you’ll see a Building in progress message.


Once your video has been built you’ll see a View Video button. Click that to preview your video.


If your video has been built but you’ve since made changes to the video project you’ll see a Build Video button again. Click this to build a new version with your latest changes in it.


Rename Videos

You can now rename your videos from the My Videos page. Click the pencil, type the new name, hit enter and you’ve renamed your video.


Hope you like the changes. Did we miss anything?