Browse Scenes Faster

We’ve just started looking at ways to simplify the process of finding and adding scenes to your videos. Here’s some changes we released this week:

First we’ve added a content panel

This makes adding a new scene so much easier. Instead of taking you to a whole new page when you click the add scene button, the content panel pops up. The panel displays the scenes and allows you to choose one without ever leaving your timeline.


When you add your next scene your scene choice is remembered. So if you’re working with animations it will stay on the animations page.

Your position in the scenes panel is also remembered. So if you were half way down the footage scenes and selected a scene, when you click the add scene button again, it will start right where you left off.

Next, the timeline now scrolls

Instead of wrapping around at the bottom of the page the timeline now scrolls horizontally to give you a feel for the progression of scenes and you can scroll through it manually to choose your place.

Now the timeline also stays stuck to the bottom of your screen so you can see your previously chosen scenes when adding a new one.


Finally, you can browse scenes by categories

Finding the right scene to match a topic is much quicker with the categories we’ve added to the new content tab.

You can select a single or multiple categories. We’ve started with a small list of categories which we’ll be expanding as we release new scenes.


Let us know what you think of the latest changes.