We’re excited to announce that the option to upload your own video clips into Biteable is now being beta-tested by our Premium users.

File Types

If you have a Premium account you’ll now be able to upload most video files (MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV etc.), in almost any aspect ratio (i.e. mobile phone footage, video camera footage, GoPro footage), although some ratios will work better than others. Biteable videos are HD (720p/1280x720px/16:9), so footage matching that will work best. If none of this jargon means anything to you, don’t worry, just upload your footage and our software will do the rest, but bear in mind it can’t work miracles.

Text Overlays

You’ll be able to overlay text as with our existing footage scenes, but unlike those, you’ll be able to choose the option of having no text at all.

Scene Length

As with other Biteable scenes, the length will be limited to 5 seconds, so if you put in a video longer than that it’ll crop your footage to the first 5 seconds of your clip. The uploader will not accept clips larger than 100MB.

How To Upload Your Footage

If you’ve got a Premium account, you’ll get the option to upload a video clip at Step 1 (Timeline).


Choose ‘Upload Video’ in the Scenes menu and then select the scene thumbnail. A box marked ‘Your video’ will appear, you can then drag and drop your video file onto it or just click on the box to browse for your file.


Please note that you may have to hover your mouse over the box for a second or two before letting go of the button if you’re dragging your file. When you see the word “+Copy” appear, let go of your mouse button and your clip should upload. WARNING: Make sure you’re hovering over the box marked “Your Video” before dropping or it won’t work.

We’d love your feedback

To test this great new feature, log in to your Premium account or upgrade and start making a video now. It’s a work in progress at this stage, so if you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!

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