Why we’re in the office on Sunday morning

It’s 7am, it’s a beautiful sunny day and team Biteable is all here in the office, again. Why? I thought you’d never ask:

We want to build something remarkable

Everyone at team Biteable has been working on startups for over a decade. We’ve been part of some amazing successes and some complete flops. The one thing that’s kept us going is the drive to build something truly remarkable. Something that’s never been done before. Something we can look back on one day and say “That was frickin awesome, I’m glad we did that”.

We think video will be ubiquitous

We’ve spent a long time testing startups ideas and we’ve narrowed our focus down to one thing: video. Video consumption on the web is growing at a phenomenal rate due to a combination of smartphone adoption and high speed broadband. Over 50% of mobile traffic in the US is for video content already and this will only increase. Do you think you’ll be reading a crappy text based blog like this in 10 years? Hell no. Consumers want video and they want it now. Every business knows it. They’d rather fill their websites, online stores, emails and social media pages with video than boring text and images. There’s just one problem: Creating quality video is hard. We think we can change that by releasing a animated video tool that as simple as powerpoint or wordpress.

It’s a big undertaking

To get started we spent a year creating custom animated videos for companies off all shapes and sizes. The biggest learning was that most animated videos took 6 weeks to produce. That’s 6 weeks to produce a 1-2 minute clip. Whether you create a live action or animated video you’ll find the same thing, the time and money involved make it prohibitive for most use cases. I certainly wouldn’t spend 6 weeks on a video version of this blog post. So we set about building an online tool that anyone could use to build videos in minutes not weeks. We’ve been working on it for over 6 months now.

We’re a small bootstrapped team

We’re close, painfully close to a beta release now. We’re a team of three that’s 100% bootstrapped. We’re all contracting during the week and working on Biteable after hours. So here we are in the office on Sunday morning. It’s 7am and we have a full day ahead. We wouldn’t have it any other way.