Make your impact measurable with video analytics

Take the guesswork out of reaching your audience with our newest feature, Biteable analytics. Track what’s most important, from views to engagement, and find out if your message is reaching the right people.

How to access Biteable analytics

  1. Log in or sign up for free to Biteable.
  2. Open a recent video project (or create a new one).
  3. Hit “Export”.
  4. Select “Copy link” and then share via email, Slack, MS Teams, or social media. If you don’t see “Copy link”, hit “Build video” to reveal it.
  5. Scroll down to see views, engagement, and viewer locations.

What you can track and why you need to know

Whether you’re sending a sales pitch or activating your team, Biteable analytics lets you know if your video hits the mark. Gain deeper insight into how your audience engages with your message, then use your new all-knowing powers to make improved, unstoppable videos.

See view count

Gather up-to-date view data with real-time reporting. See the number of people who watched your Biteable video and your total number of views.

If your view numbers aren’t where they should be, consider experimenting with when and where you share your video. Swap out mornings for afternoons or use Slack/MS Teams instead of email.

View analytics is available to all Biteable users, including those on a free plan.

Monitor engagement

Are people making it to the end of your important video? Ponder no more with engagement analytics. Discover how many viewers watch more than half of your video, and how many people stay engaged until the end.

Use your audience engagement numbers to test and track what type of video works best for your goals. Pinpoint where your audience is losing interest, or pat yourself on the back for an engagement grand slam.

If engagement is lacking, try shorter, more succinct videos, or add some pizzazz to your content with Biteable’s ready-made animations and motion graphics.

Unlock engagement analytics by upgrading to Ultimate, Biteable’s most powerful plan.

Reveal locations

Measure how far your video travels with location tracking. Use it to reveal which locations can’t get enough of your content and which are ignoring you.

Uncover location-specific trends or concerns to ensure your videos reach everyone that needs to know. If a region or area isn’t watching, target them more in the future, or explore why they might not be interested.

As with engagement, location analytics is exclusive to our Ultimate plan.

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