How do I make a video with Biteable?

Just follow this easy video:

How much does it cost?

You can make videos and share them for free, you can make HD non-watermarked videos for $99 USD a year or $29USD for a month.

We use Stripe for payments and do not store any of your credit card information.

Are there any extra costs?


That seems crazy cheap

Yes, it is.

Can I edit all the text?


Can I edit all the colors?

Yep, see the Colors tab, color changes affect all scenes. (These changes don’t affect footage scenes.)

Can I add my own images

Yep, here’s how:

Images need to be PNGs, JPEGs or GIFs less than 3MB.
*Note – Moving GIF’s aren’t supported.

Can I change the music?

Yep, we have a small set of tracks to choose from currently. Click the Music tab to access them or upload your own.

Can I upload my own music?

Yep, here’s how:

Can I change the fonts?

On some scenes there’s a drop-down menu that allows you to change them.

Can I move scenes?

Yes, just click on the scene and drag it into a new place on the timeline.

Can I delete scenes?

Yes, click on the scene in the timeline and then click on the three white dots that appear in the top corner. You can delete, switch or duplicate scenes from that menu.

How do I preview my video?

You can preview individual scenes as you create the video by clicking the big green preview button. But to preview the entire video we need to build your video first:

Can I download my video?

Only Premium users can download videos, here’s how

How do I change the speed?

You can’t adjust the speed of each scene currently.

Can I edit the video after I’ve made it?

Absolutely! Once you’ve made it, the video is yours and you can edit and change scenes from the My Videos page in your account.

How do I upload my logo to logo scenes?

Sure, here’s how:

What is the best size for images and logos?

Images should be uploaded in 1280 x 720px
Logos are a bit trickier, for any of the round scenes a square based logo is best. For other logo scenes a horizontal logo works well. It should be 1000px wide for either scenario.

How do I upload videos?

You can only upload videos on the premium account. Just choose the upload video scene, upload your file and the first 5 seconds will become a scene.

What sort of videos can I make with Biteable?

You can make any type of video with Biteable. These examples might help with ideas:

How long does it take?

Once you have picked your scenes and entered the text it takes us about 1 minute per scene to put your video together. So if you’ve got 7 scenes it will take about 7 minutes for us to email it to you. Once you opt to build the video you can view a status page that will tell you how far along you are and how much more you have to go.

What resolution is the video?

All Biteable videos are currently 1280*720 (HD TV) resolution.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Nope! Not yet, but we’re working on it.

How do I get rid of text in the scenes?

You can’t create videos without text currently. We license some of the content used in Biteable and this license does not allow us to distribute the content without modification.

Can I pay for just one video

The Premium plan is currently only available on an annual or monthly subscription.

Can multiple users use one account?

At this stage each Biteable account is designed for use by a single user. We do plan to add support for multiple users but it’s a while off at this stage.

Do you support double-byte text?

We don’t currently support double-byte characters sets, unfortunately. This is on our roadmap to resolve but I don’t know how far off that is at this stage.

Can I delete videos from my account?

Yes, you can click the little trash can beside the video in the My Videos section of your account. This is permanent and cannot be recovered, so be careful when you do.

Can I delete music from my account?

Yes you can! Just go to your uploaded tracks and click the trash can on the right.

How do I upload my video to Youtube?

Once you’ve built your video you’ll need to publish it. Once you’ve published it there’s a share menu with Upload to YouTube in it. Here’s a comprehensive guide on YouTube uploads:

How do I save to my iPad/iPhone?

You can’t save directly to your iPad/iPhone. You have to download the video to a PC first and then sync it to your iPad using iTunes. This feature is only available to premium subscribers.

How do I save to my camera roll?

To save to your camera roll you would need to download to a computer, sync the video to your device using iTunes and then move it using your file system. This feature is only available to premium subscribers.

How do I break up the text on my scene?

You can break up the text on your scene using the new line character. Just press enter and watch your text place on the next available line.

Can I add bullet points and other special characters?

Yes, absolutely. You can use ALT codes on Windows based machines to add accents, fractions, punctuation and other such symbols by holding the ALT key and using the numeric keypad to enter the code. Here’s some popular ones:
To see a full list visit:

Can I change my YouTube account?

Yes you can. The first thing to do is to revoke the Biteable permissions from the existing account by visiting this page:
Once you’ve done that you can now associate the alternate account with Biteable. If you still can’t, just send us an email and we can sort it out for you.

Can I organise my scene types?

You can sort the scenes by categories. Just click on the add scene (+) button when creating a video and click on a category name on the left hand side and it will narrow your choices down to scenes that belong in that category.

How do I share this with everyone?

Publish your video! Once your video is published you can share the link to the published page and anyone can view it. You will then also have the share menu to share on Facebook, Twitter and upload to YouTube.


If you have suggestions or requests for scenes please send them through! We can’t guarantee all of them but we will consider them.

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