Biteable builds the World’s Simplest Video maker

Biteable is looking for an experienced JavaScript developer with solid CSS and HTML skills.

A typical day at Biteable will see you contribute to the ongoing improvement of code, library choices, development practices and testing techniques.  Biteable is a startup that aims to stay up, we aim for stability without stagnation.


Are at peace in the JavaScript ecosystem, so you can Node, Bower etc like a champion.

Are up to date with the latest trends, know when to apply them and which will stay in fashion.

Write JavaScript that reads like poetry, others have wept at its clarity, brevity and beauty.

Can stylesheet like you’re Versace, people have looked at your CSS and marvelled at its disco ball like beauty.

Have a strong understanding of the browser environment and tooling.

Engage in civil and helpful discourse in code review.

Extra Gravy

Have worked with and grok Ember.

Enjoy Arrested Development, our test data is smothered with references.

Can cut a bit of Ruby.

Have experience with LESS, SASS, PHP and Jade.

Built WordPress sites.


Apply with your CV and a cover letter to and answer the following questions;

What would you add to the Biteable team?

Where do you want your career to go?

Remuneration commensurate with experience.  Applications close Tuesday the 31st of May 2016.