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Handbook Intro

Facebook Video Marketing Data-driven methods for profitable campaigns


Send your ROI skyward with our complete guide to Facebook video ads. It’s fully loaded with tested strategies, step-by-step instructions, and experimental data to help you master Facebook marketing.

Chapter 1
Introducing video ads and the funnel

Discover the fundamentals you’ll need for successful video ads. And find out the winner of our video vs. image experiment.

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Chapter 2
When to boost (and not to boost)

Explore the positives and negatives of boosting video posts. Learn from our boost experiment. And find out why Ads Manager achieves more.

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Chapter 3
Campaign creation in Ads Manager

Learn how to start and scale your Ads Manager account with step-by-step instructions and housekeeping advice.

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Chapter 4
Audience creation with the pixel

Enter the shadowy world of the Pixel and learn how to build high-performance audiences and remarketing campaigns.

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Chapter 5
Video campaign best practice

Take the hassle out of planning your campaigns. Learn which vehicles work best and what kind of videos to run.

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Chapter 6
The right objectives for video campaigns

Learn which objectives, based on our experiment, get the best results for video campaigns in every stage of your funnel.

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Chapter 7
Creating a direct response video campaign

Discover the essentials for direct response campaigns that get more clicks. And try our little-known hack.

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Chapter 8
Creating a sequential video campaign

Start creating full-funnel video campaigns like the experts. Learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Chapter 9
Creating a video carousel campaign

Take a fresh look at the storytelling potential of carousel campaigns. Master strategies that help brands grow.

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Chapter 10
Analyzing and perfecting your campaigns

Understand and improve the ROI of your campaigns with custom reports, a pixel, and testing strategies.

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Chapter 11
Something for nothing with Live & Stories

Open the door to better reach with Facebook’s favorite video vehicles. Learn which video content perform best.

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