Use Biteable to create video marketing that inspires action

From spicing up your social media, website, blog, or mailout, video marketing is a surefire way to put your brand on the map — and Biteable’s software platform can get you there in minutes.

How can video marketing showcase your brand?


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Create high-end video marketing in a jiff

  1. Check out our templates and choose one that fits the bill.
  2. Log in to Biteable or sign up for free.
  3. Edit the template. Pump in your own music, text, pictures, and video. Edit the colours to fit your brand.
  4. Download your video or share it to social media. If you have a free membership, it’ll have a watermark (you can upgrade to remove it later).
  5. Kick back and call it a day.

Biteable is a content maker’s dream. We’re using our videos as digital display and advertising at our offices and will hopefully coordinate into a social media campaign too.

Peter, a video-making juggernaut

Getting started

Pump up your brand with video marketing (on a budget)

Did you know?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, recently announced that he expects Facebook to be mostly video in the next five years.

It’s understandable to think video marketing is the exclusive territory of big companies with deep pockets. After all, you’d assume that creating an entire video marketing strategy from the ground up would take a lot of time and resources. Think again. With Biteable’s easy-to-use online video making software, all you need is a web browser and a few spare minutes to become a video marketing guru.

Reach a wider audience

Video marketing is here to stay. Why? Because of the internet. Cisco predicts that video will account for 80% of consumer traffic by 2020. And if that wasn’t enough,Syndacast found that 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% every day.

With so many people browsing the internet, video marketing allows you to reach thousands of them without leaving your desk.

Use a template to get the job done fast

You might think you need a degree to understand the ins and outs of video marketing. That’s not the case with Biteable’s online video maker. Our team have studied video marketing across the internet and come up with a variety of templates to fit any brand.

Biteable is so simple that anyone can use it. Simply drag and drop clips from our library of live-action and animated scenes, edit the text, upload your logo and you’ll be done in the time it takes to make your bed (assuming that doesn’t take you very long).

The basics

Use video marketing to spread brand awareness

The question isn’t why you should make a marketing video. The benefits speak for themselves. The question is how, and thankfully, Biteable’s online video maker means you can do it in a snap.

Start and finish fast

Your free Biteable account grants you access to a huge library of ready-to-use templates, created by our team of marketing experts who have studied hundreds of marketing videos and know how to sell.

No matter what industry you’re in, Biteable has somewhere for you to start. All you need to do is pop in your text, add some relevant footage from our handpicked stock library, throw in your logo, and you’re good to go. The hardest part will be trying to convince people you made a video of such stunning quality by yourself.

The (video marketing) world is your oyster

You’ve got a brand and you want to market it to your online audience. There’s a lot of ways you can approach video marketing and Biteable’s video maker supports all of them.

Where do you want to go from here? Biteable can make it happen.

  • Advertisement. Ads are a basic staple of the digital marketing world, typically featuring special offers like a discounted price or a new product.

  • Explainer. Explainer videos do exactly what it sounds like they do: they inform viewers about a brand or product. These are great on your homepage as they immediately give people an idea of exactly what you’re about.

  • Infographic. One of the most viral forms of video marketing, infographics are a curated presentation of statistics or facts in video format. They’re widely regarded as trustworthy due to their factual, scientific nature. Think of them as the mini-documentaries of video marketing.

  • Presentation. Similar to explainers, presentations are often shown to a live audience and can be useful for creating a buzz. Apple and TED Talks use presentations to great effect.

  • Promo. Promo videos are a highly successful form of video marketing, promoting brands with entertaining, informative, or moving content. The very best of these will compel viewers to seek them out and watch for the fun of it.

Pro tips

Fill your video marketing quiver

One video is better than none when it comes to digital marketing. But since video marketing is so easy with Biteable (and free!), there’s no reason to not cover all your bases and get your videos on as many platforms as possible. Reaching more potential customers can only be a good thing for your brand.

An explainer for your website

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to let a video tell people about your brand rather than getting them to slog through paragraphs of text? A video trimmed to thirty-seconds on your landing page can effectively summarize everything someone needs to know.

An explainer is also an effective way to give people a clear idea of your brand tone. Biteable’s online video maker lets you put in your own text, change the colours, and add a variety of footage to fit any style.

Content for social

Remember what the Zuck said about pushing toward video? There’s never been a better time to create video marketing for Facebook, especially as their algorithm gives prefers video over text. On top of this, Facebook has a slew of features in its Ads Manager to help you test your ads on a variety of audiences to see what works best.

With over two billion people on Facebook, it’s an absolute must to shift your video marketing and put it in front of the world’s largest audience.

Video ads to cover the rest

Now you’ve sorted out your website and social media, there’s also opportunities aplenty for people to come across your video marketing in the wild. For instance, you could attach videos to your marketing emails or play them at the beginning of a conference you’re speaking at. Covering your bases has never been easier.

So many options, so little time. With Biteable’s online video maker, you’ll be a fully-weaponized video marketing machine before your takeout meal arrives.

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