The best online video makers

We might be biased, but we happen to think Biteable is the best online video maker around. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Just look at the reviews our happy users have written about us!

To make it easy for you to decide which one to go for, we’ve put together a quick reference comparison table, but for a closer look at the key differences between Biteable and other major online video makers Powtoon and Animoto, check out our in-depth comparison that follows.

Free trials and setup

Biteable setup

Biteable’s free plan gives you access to many of our most powerful features — and all our templates! You can create up to five video projects per month and won’t have to worry about your trial ending.

Signing up is easy (no credit card required) and you can start creating videos right away. To help provide the best possible experience, we’ll ask a few quick questions about you and your video goals.

Animoto setup

Animoto offer a 14-day free trial of their Professional tier plan and you can sign up quickly without entering credit card information.

Powtoon setup

While it’s not immediately obvious on their website, Powtoon also offer a free trial of their Premium plans, but it’s only 4 days (indicated by a countdown clock in the upper corner after you sign up). You don’t need to enter a credit card to get started.

Signing up for Powtoon takes a little longer than Biteable or Animoto. You can create an account using your email address or via your Facebook, Google, Office, or LinkedIn account.

Once you sign up, you’ll need to confirm your email address. If you’re on a mobile device, you’ll have to use a desktop system in order to activate your account.

Once you click the confirmation link in your emails, Powtoon has a few more questions about whether you’d like to opt in to emails, and which newsletters you’d like to recieve. Once you answer these questions, you’re taken to your dashboard.

Ease (& speed) of use

Biteable ease of use

At Biteable, we believe you shouldn’t have to be a professional animator (or even have the budget for one) to create high-quality videos.

We’ve worked hard to make Biteable as intuitive and simple to use as possible. It’s one of the things our users love most about Biteable.

Start with one of our professionally-designed templates, or mix and match your favorite scenes to build a video from scratch.

Because we have around 1000 templates to choose from, we’ve made it easy to find one that will work for you. Just tell us what kind of video you’re making and we’ll suggest some templates for you.

Select your favorite, and you’ll be taken to our video editor to start customizing your video.

Our video editor is simple as we could make it. Go scene by scene, adding text and any images you’d like to use. Click and drag to change the order of your scenes, duplicate or delete scenes with one click, or add a new one from our library. You can customize your video with stock footage, add your logo, and change your colors and fonts (more on that below).

The Biteable video editor is fast, with little to no lag on loading when adding scenes or when entering/exiting.

Animoto ease of use

Much like Biteable’s templates, Animoto’s pre-built ‘storyboards’ can be customized to build your videos.

We found that loading a storyboard can take a little longer, especially if it has many ‘blocks’ (scenes).

Once in the storyboard editor, you can customize each scene with your preferred colors, fonts, and styles.

The Animoto editor is fairly intuitive and it didn’t take us long to build a quick, five-scene video using a pre-built storyboard. One thing to note is that unlike Biteable, you can’t add new scenes that match the look of your storyboard.

Instead, you can add and customize additional generic blocks, or duplicate an existing block, but there are no collections of themed pre-built scenes to choose from.

Powtoon ease of use

Like Biteable and Animoto, Powtoon also comes with a variety of templates in different categories and video types to get you started.

Powtoon’s editor is packed with features (more on that below) and as a result, we did find it took longer to load our video (around 20-30 seconds) and ran a bit slower than the other video makers.

Powtoon has two editors to choose from — Quick Edit or Full Studio. Quick Edit is much more limited in terms of functionality and thus much easier to use.

You can do some basic editing and can delete or swap existing elements like images and text, but you’ll need to switch to the Full Studio if you want to add new slides or elements.

Full Studio gives you many more customization options and better control over every aspect of your video, but as a result, it takes much longer to learn and can be a little intimidating to first-time users.

In the Full Studio, you can add new scenes, upload footage, or choose from built-in stock images and footage.

Using a template with 5 scenes and only swapping out our text and images, it took us longer to create a video with Powtoon than with Animoto or Biteable. We also experienced a lot of lag when loading and using the editor — a common complaint in user reviews.

Even without using many of the customization options, we found Powtoon took longer to use — if we’d used more of the features offered, or added more scenes, it easily could have taken us hours to create a video.

Customization options

Biteable customization

Whether you have a free or paid Biteable plan, you get access to 1000+ video templates and over 800,000 video clips and scenes.

Many of our scenes can be customized with your own images, logo, and preferred footage, and both free and paid users get access to all our design customization options.

From light and playful to bold and modern, you can choose from hundreds of different fonts. You can use a different font in every scene or set one font for every scene with the click of a button.

Take the guesswork out of choosing a color scheme with one of our premade coordinated template color schemes, or choose from unlimited custom colors.

Easily trim the length of scenes and animations for snappier transitions between scenes and a shorter, punchier video.

Both free and paid users can customize scenes to include their own images, logo or branding, and can upload their own audio track or choose music from our free library. Videos created on our free plan will have a Biteable watermark in the corner, but this can be removed by upgrading to a paid plan. Paid plans include a custom watermark feature to spread your branding throughout the whole video.

Animoto customization

Depending on which plan you choose, Animoto’s customization options may be more limited. Business and Professional plans get 40+ ‘professional’ fonts, while Personal plan users can choose from just three ‘standard’ fonts.

Likewise, only Professional and Business plan users get access to unlimited custom colors — Personal plan users have access to just 30 pre-set colors.

As we mentioned above, while you can’t add additional pre-built blocks, you can customize your blocks by choosing from 9 different ‘styles’. You can’t apply different styles to individual blocks in your video however. Choosing one will apply the style to your entire video.

Personal plan users aren’t able to add their own logo to videos unless it’s as an image on a block. They’ll also feature an Animoto logo at the end of the video.

Professional and Business plan users can add their own logo as a corner watermark and videos are free of Animoto branding.

Powtoon customization

As we mentioned above, Powtoon offer endless customization options. Users can start by choosing a ‘look’, like Cartoon, Real, or Whiteboard.

Then you add scenes, props, text, special effects, characters, shapes, and more. Most elements have multiple variations for each look and can be further customized with colors, transitions, animation, etc.

While certainly powerful, the number of customization options means there’s a big learning curve — the Full Studio can seem a bit overwhelming to a new user.


Biteable templates

If you ask us, our templates and scenes are where Biteable shines. We’ve got 1000+ pre-built video templates and hundreds of ready-made animations to choose from, all professionally designed by our in-house team of animators and video creators.

Every template is available to both free and paid users and we’re constantly adding new ones.

We have templates optimized for all kinds of videos, from explainer and promo videos to social media posts and infographics. You can choose scenes with animated or claymation characters, live action footage, or motion graphics.

Creating your own video is as easy as picking your favorite template and customizing it with your own content.

You can also build a video from scratch by combining any of our 1000+ pre-designed scenes — with collections like Clay, Infographic, and Professional, it’s easy to find the right scene to help you tell your story.

Animoto templates

Much like Biteable’s templates, Animoto has ‘Storyboards’ — typically five to ten ‘Blocks’ that you can customize with text and images.

Storyboard choices are significantly more limited than Biteable no matter which plan you’re on.

While Business and Professional plans have 50+ pre-built storyboards to choose from, Personal plan users get access to just 12.

You can also choose a style and start from scratch, but since you can’t choose pre-built blocks, you’ll have to build your own blocks one by one.

Finally, it’s important to note that if you need a video with animated characters, you’ll need to look for a different tool. Despite what the name suggests, Animoto doesn’t offer animated storyboards or elements and all built-in stock footage seems to be live action too.

Powtoon templates

It’s unclear exactly how many templates Powtoon offers and for which plans. There does appear to be more than 100+ templates, categorized for uses like Personal, Work, and Education, and further grouped by different types, like Marketing, Video Ads, and Holiday.

Both animated and live action templates are available, but some templates require a Pro plan, and others require a Pro+ membership. Templates available to free plan members are much more limited.

You can swap out or add new scenes from a number of collections, each grouped by “look”, but again, some of these are limited depending on which plan you have.

Stock footage

Biteable stock footage

With Biteable you gain access to our full library — more than 800,000 premium stock footage clips, all available royalty-free. Adding your footage is seamless, just choose your favorite clip and add it to your video with a click.

Animoto stock footage

Users on an Animoto Professional or Business plan have access to a stock library via an integration with Getty Images, a collection that includes more than a million photos and videos.

While the collection is huge, we found searches for stock footage on Animoto tended to turn up fewer results than on Biteable. Take, for instance, our search for ‘puppy’ videos, which turned up thousands of photos on Animoto, but just 28 videos.

The same search in Biteable’s stock library, on the other hand, gave us too many puppy videos to count.

Powtoon stock footage

Powtoon offers a few different video libraries to choose from, as well as an integration with Storyblocks’ stock footage library.

Each themed collection (like Marketing and Urban & Nature) includes several free and premium footage clips that can be added to your Powtoon. There are abstract video scenes as well as lifestyle and landscape footage.

While Storyblocks has 100,000+ video clips in its collection, it’s unclear how many clips are included with Powtoon. Certainly, free clips are limited — a typical search will turn up a few free footage options, but many more Pro and Pro+ results.


Biteable music

With Biteable, you get 88+ songs to choose from, each with different styles and energy levels. You can also upload your own music. The free music options and ability to upload a track are available to both free and paying users.

Animoto music

With 350+ tracks available to Personal plan users, 2000+ for Professional, and 3000+ for Business, Animoto definitely has an extensive library of music to choose from.

While you won’t recognize the names or titles, you can sort by genre and by ‘Popular for’ to find a track that suits your video, or you can upload your own track.

Animoto users also get a few additional options, including the ability to loop, trim, or set the volume on a song.

Powtoon music

Powtoon have a few different music categories, with themes like Happy, Corporate, and Motivation, as well as the option to upload your own music or voice-over track.

Some tracks are available to free users, while others require a Pro or Pro+ membership. Powtoon’s integration with Fiverr also gives you the unusual option to hire a freelance composer to create a song for your video.

And again, Powtoon offer lots of customization options, including the ability to choose different tracks for each slide, or to start playing at a certain point in the song.


Biteable images

At Biteable, our massive stock library includes over 1 million stock images for you to include in your video masterpieces. Or, upload your own images to craft the perfect video.

From your logo to product photos or a photo slideshow, it’s as simple as choosing a scene or template that can be customized with images and uploading your own.

Animoto images

As discussed above, Animoto’s Getty Images integration does include access to an impressive stock library, many of which are photos and illustrations.

Photos are easy to add, just drag and drop from the search results into a block that allows images.

Powtoon images

Powtoon has a few built-in options for adding stock images to your videos. Pro and Pro+ members get access to premium stock photos via an integration with ‘the leading stock image websites’.

Some free images are also available, but these tend to be limited and aren’t always the best quality.

Downloading video

Ease of export/download/publish with Biteable

When you’re finished creating your Biteable video, the next step is to export it. Depending on how many scenes your video has, this will take a few minutes. On average, it will take about one minute per scene (so a 5 scene video will take about 5 minutes.)

Watch your preview and if you need to make a change, you can send it back to the editor. If you make a change, you’ll need to rebuild your preview (it shouldn’t take as long this time, as some of the scenes will already be built). Once the preview is rebuilt, click Download, and your video will be ready to go. Alternatively, click Publish for a shareable Biteable link to your creation.

If you’re a paid member, you can download your video without the Biteable watermark.

Ease of export/download/publish with Animoto

Every Animoto plan includes the ability to share videos on social media or download. When you preview, your video generates in a lower resolution first so you can view it sooner.

We found this took longer than the estimate of 15 seconds and was closer to a minute.

After clicking Produce, you’ll add more information like your name, title, and date.

Once we clicked Finish, we found our video took about 5 minutes to generate to full 1080p resolution. You are, however, able to watch it before it’s completely finished rendering.

Ease of export/download/publish with Powtoon

The process is similar for Powtoon — but does include a few extra steps.

Once you’ve finished editing, click Preview & Export. After watching the preview and clicking Export, you can choose from a few different options.

These include creating a Powtoon page, sharing to Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo, downloading as a PDF or Powerpoint document, or exporting (if you’re a paid member).

Next you’re asked to add a description, tags, a category, and privacy settings.

Finally, paid members can opt to hide branding and select a video resolution.

We found that Powtoon took the longest of the three video makers to generate our video, due to of the build time and the extra screens to move through the process.

When the Powtoon page is ready, you can copy the link or embed code or share to social media. However, unlike Animoto and Biteable, there isn’t an option to add a call to action button.


Biteable quality

No matter which Biteable plan you have, your videos are in 1080p resolution. This is known as HD (high-definition) — the same resolution many HD television channels broadcast in.

While screen size and distance from the screen factor in, this resolution is more than twice as sharp as a standard-definition video (480p) and will appear crisp and sharp on all but the biggest displays.

Animoto quality

Videos created with a Personal Animoto plan are in 720p (HD). Professional and Business plans can choose 1080p (full-HD), or opt for a lower resolution for smaller file sizes.

Powtoon quality

Depending on which plan you have, the quality of Powtoon videos will vary.

Free users can only create videos in 480p standard-definition (SD). Starter and Pro plans get 720p HD, while Agency and Pro+ users get 1080p full-HD quality.

Tutorials and support

Biteable support

At Biteable, we’re always here to help you get the most out of our video maker. Our extensive FAQ section is full of tips and tricks for creating videos and if you run into a question while you’re creating, you can send us a query or search our Help articles right from the video editor.

We have team members around the world ready to help, so we’re usually able to get back to you within a few hours.

Plus we have hundreds of blog articles sharing all sorts of tips and best practices for creating beautiful and effective videos.

Animoto support

Like Biteable, you can search Animoto’s Help Center without leaving the video editor.

For help beyond the FAQs, you can submit a request, but be aware you likely won’t get a response outside of business hours.

Powtoon support

Powtoon offer a feature tour for new users plus a Help Center with FAQs.

You can also access tips, tutorials, and even the ability to hire a professional ‘Powtoonist’ on Fiverr from inside the editor.

If you need to submit a help ticket, be aware that paid members get placed in the Priority Support queue and receive faster replies than free members.


When it comes down to Biteable vs. Powtoon vs. Animoto, it’s important to consider what features you need and how long you want to spend learning a new tool.

Powtoon is powerful, to be sure, but unless you’re an experienced video maker or designer, or you plan to hire an ‘expert Powtoonist’ to create your video, it’s likely to be more complicated than you need.

Biteable and Animoto are both easier to get started with and more intuitive for new users. However, with 1000+ templates, hundreds of animated scenes, and 1.8+ million stock images and video, Biteable offers many more pre-built assets than either Animoto or Powtoon, and all of them are available to both free and paid users.

If you want to create animated videos, Biteable and Powtoon both have options, while Animoto has no animated storyboards or elements. Powtoon offers advanced animation options, like the ability to make animated characters move the way you want, but these are time-consuming to learn and use. Biteable keeps it simple, with tons of professionally animated scenes you can mix and match together to tell your story.

Most importantly, if you need a tool you can learn quickly, that lets you create animated and live action videos in minutes, and lets you combine and customize pre-built scenes and templates, Biteable is for you. It’s powerful but simpler, in all the right ways.