The BIOS IT SuperFreq is an overclocked, single-socket server delivering high performance and
maximum reliability, tailor-made for high-frequency trading and low latency environments.

Offering incredible performance for HFT workloads, our team of in-house developers have optimised
and enhanced SuperFreq to deliver extreme algorithm acceleration. Equipped with a closed loop, maintenance-
free liquid cooling module, the SuperFreq optimises thermal distribution internally and features
motherboard circuitry modifications, which all help to facilitate lower latency and jitter. The system is
designed for co-location and features enterprise-class server management capabilities.

Our in house engineering team ensures that each SuperFreq can be tailor-made and optimised in line with
your specific workloads, providing performance benefits to equip you with a competitive edge. At BIOS
IT, we recognize that it is not a “one fits all” market, and our hybrid approach to support allows us to offer
bespoke SLAs that can include guaranteed fixes within minimal timeframes, as well as access to global
spares and our world-class engineering teams. BIOS IT can provide consultative advice and ultimately
work with you to ensure our customized solution and accompanying SLA, will successfully and reliably
meet all of your requirements.