Moving Forward Together: Let's Talk about...Worry

This video is part of Newcastle Educational Psychology Service’s ‘Moving Forward Together’ series.

‘Let’s Talk About…Worry’ is a short video for parents and teachers which explores the questions:

What is worry?
What might children worry about?
What does worry do?
What does worry look and feel like?
What can we do to help children with their worries?

‘Let’s Talk About…Worry’ offers strategies which will, when practised frequently over time, help teach children to recognise what worry feels like for them, so that they can understand it and start to manage it. The video introduces these ideas through the framework: Listen. Label. Lead. Although this video has been created with children of primary school age in mind (i.e. those aged 5-11 years), the information and strategies it contains will be helpful when supporting children of all ages.

To get the most from the information and ideas contained in this video, you may wish to watch it more than once. Remember that you can also use the ‘pause’ button if you feel you need more time to think about a particular scene.

Further information and advice about what you can do to support a child who is feeling worried will be posted here shortly - please keep checking back.