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“Art mirrors our inner state in ways that are meaningful and mysterious.
Creativity is central to feeling alive.”— Nancy Hillis, M.D.

Imagine smiling on your death bed.

You’ve wrestled down your fears and self-doubt and created your deepest art and life.

You don’t want to come to your final moments regretting un-lived dreams. You’ve got paintings inside you waiting to be expressed. You know that, while you could keep repeating what’s worked before in your art, this is a kind of soul death. You want to experiment, take risks and explore a deeper self expression. The worst thing you could do as an artist is to not experiment. Art is about exploring wonder and the unknown, the terra incognita of the soul..

Painting is a mirror. It brings up everything, especially fear and yearning. This is where The Artist's Journey written by artist, psychiatrist and author, Nancy Hillis, M.D., comes in to guide you to trusting and believing in yourself as an artist

The Artist's Journey is a self-help guidebook using psychological principles to help artists create their deepest work. If you want a comprehensive, clearly explained, psychologically sophisticated map for your creative self- expression, start here with Nancy Hillis’ book.