Free Zoom virtual meeting backgrounds

Images and videos to cover up your home office or kitchen

Download a background

Open Zoom settings

Add your new background

To help you work from home, we’ve put together our favorite videos and images for Zoom virtual backgrounds. Grab an image or pick a video to customise and download.

Biteable is a remote-first company and we know what it’s like to host meetings at home. Sometimes you don’t want to share everything with your team. Use any of these Zoom backgrounds to cover your mess and spice up your next meeting.

Zoom video backgrounds to personalize and download

Choose open of these abstract animated video backgrounds or make a new one at All Biteable animations are designed by our in-house team. Change the colors, add text and a logo, or substitute in images and footage.

Use Biteable to make Zoom video backgrounds (for yourself or your entire team) that are on-brand, personal, and subtly engaging.

Use Zoom video backgrounds as sure-fire icebreakers

If you thought photos were the ultimate Zoom virtual background, think again. Zoom video backgrounds are the perfect way to start a conversation with colleagues (and add motion and finesse).

Make your custom video background with Biteable

Zoom video specs and best practice

  • Videos have a maximum resolution of 1920×1080.
  • Make sure your video background is just that — a background. A little bit of movement is nice. Too much and it’ll be distracting.
  • Use videos that have a static camera and limited background movement. Nature (beaches, mountains, forests etc) and abstract animated video backgrounds are perfect for this.

Free zoom background images for your next call

Use one of these low-key office backgrounds to get you started. They’re all free to download.

Variety is the spice of life, and the same can be said for your Zoom backgrounds. Working remotely, it can be easy to forget that people will be staring at the same wall behind your desk every day.

Zoom’s virtual background feature does away with the need for green screens to superimpose a background behind you. With the magic of technology (and don’t ask us how) everyone can upload a clever, hilarious, calming, or nostalgic background to their video calls.

Jump onto your next Zoom call with a brand new office background. Or a classroom background. Or the oval office. Or space. Or a screengrab from your favorite film. The options are limitless.

How to add a background in Zoom in 3 easy steps

  • Step 1. Download a background or video that you want to feature in your next Zoom call.
  • Step 2. Open up Zoom and click the cog icon or ‘Settings’. Then navigate down to ‘Background & Filters’.
  • Step 3. From the Virtual Backgrounds tab, click the + icon — ‘Add image or video’. Upload your image or video and you’re done.

If you have any trouble, take a look at Zoom’s Help Center.

Make a Zoom video background in minutes