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Our wonderfully simple platform empowers millions of people – from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies – to engage and grow their audience with video.

Video creation made easy

Biteable is sublimely simple to use and contains all the footage, animations, and templates you’ll ever need.

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Our values

Things we do every day

Customer first

The customer is our guide and our guru.

We exist for our customers. We delight in solving their problems and we rejoice in making their lives better. They are at the heart of our decision-making, our products, and our success metrics. Through empathy and interviews, we involve our customers in everything we do.

Results focused

One eye on the road and the other on the dial.

We believe that the things we make and the results they deliver are inseparable. In all roles and all projects, we take ownership of our creations and their outcomes. Not so that we can be judged. But so that we can learn, iterate, and grow. All without missing a beat.


Simplicity is what makes us special.

We make it easy for our customers to achieve their goals. We do this by building powerful products that are straightforward to use. Simplicity is the yardstick by which we measure our interface, our content, and our communication. If it isn’t easy peasy lemon squeezy, it isn’t Biteable.

Always human

Our team and customers are humans first.

We strive to support our team members with flexibility, compassion, and understanding. We promise the same to our customers, along with the benefit of the doubt.

Transparent & inclusive

We work remotely, together.

Our team members collaborate inclusively from locations around the world. We ensure that all voices are heard through over-communication and transparent sharing of information. Our diverse cultures and locations unite us and make us stronger as a team.


When we deliver, we overdeliver.

Everything we put our name to is made with dedication and passion. We are committed to delivering products that exceed our customers’ expectations. ‘Just good enough’ isn’t good enough for us. ‘Just amazing’ is.

Our story

Tomorrow’s video maker, today

Back when we started Biteable in 2014, videos were tricky to make and prohibitively expensive. Ordinary businesses couldn’t access video for their marketing, messages, or presentations.

Today, any business, of any size, can make videos themselves. Biteable has empowered millions of people to make studio-quality videos without experience. Our videos are used for everything from growing brands to keeping teams in the loop.

We’re excited to have made this impact, but we have further to go. We want to help everyone engage and grow their audience with studio-quality videos (they made themselves).

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