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Make corporate videos with Biteable’s leading DIY online corporate video production software. Biteable combines an advanced suite of video-making features with smart, done-for-you editing tools. Make a corporate video, brand it, and send it to your team in minutes.

Create standout corporate videos that activate your team

Branded content

Automatically fetch your company colors and logo and apply them to your video in one click.

Streamlined editing

An intelligent editing experience takes all the guesswork out of making a corporate video.

On-point templates

Start with a professionally designed template to create better corporate videos with ease.

Getting started

DIY Corporate video production made easy with Biteable

With Biteable, corporate video production doesn’t just look easy — it is easy. Make corporate videos that grab attention without spending hours fiddling with a complicated video-editing program.

Biteable’s online DIY corporate video production software features hundreds of templates and scenes that speak directly to a corporate audience. A smart branding feature fetches your company colors and logo from your website and seamlessly applies it to your entire video.

Plug in your message and you’re good to go, or customize your corporate video as much as you like. Biteable’s intelligent editing workflow does all the heavy lifting for you.

Record first-person video footage, add a voice-over, or record your screen all from within the app. With Biteable, corporate video production is as easy as making a PowerPoint — but far more effective.

Create video ads that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand video ads. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

The basics

How to make a corporate video for your business

1. Start with a free Biteable trial

Make a corporate video by signing up for a free 7-day Biteable trial. You’ll have access to all the premium features that make Biteable a leader in corporate video making.

Start your 7-day trial

2. Choose a brandable template

Pick from a library of brandable templates designed with corporate communication in mind. Each corporate video template was created with the goal of boosting employee engagement, aligning teams, and driving action.

3. Add extras

If you want to add extras to your corporate video, Biteable has plenty to choose from including hundreds of brandable scenes, animations, and premium soundtracks. Record first-person footage, add a voice-over, or record your screen without ever leaving the app.

4. Brand your video

Biteable fetches your company colors and logo from your website and automatically creates six color combinations. Choose a color combo for your video and the platform seamlessly applies it to each scene.

5. Share and track your video

Happy with the corporate video you made? Share it on any platform with a single link, then track engagement with Biteable’s analytics tool.

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“[Biteable] reduced the amount of time it takes me to [produce a corporate video] by 75%. It saves me a lot of time. It makes my life that much easier.”

Types of corporate videos: The possibilities are endless

Company-wide announcements

Keep your team informed on new policies, leadership initiatives, CEO announcements, and more.

Recurring updates

Grab attention with engaging videos that update your team on everything from KPIs to quarterly sales.

Onboarding videos

Streamline your onboarding with a set of on-demand videos.

Hiring and recruiting

Create recruiting videos that stand out and showcase your company culture.


Make engaging, memorable training videos your team can watch from anywhere, on demand.

Report summaries

Make a boring report jump off the page with a video summarizing the most important points.

FAQs about making corporate videos and DIY corporate video production

Answers to the most common questions about making corporate videos that grab attention. Plus, FAQs about everything DIY corporate video production.

What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a video made to communicate either with employees or with customers. With the rise of video in all areas of our lives, people have become comfortable getting their information this way. Corporate videos highlight products, explain concepts, and reach both customers and employees in an engaging way.

How do I make a corporate video for my business?

Making a corporate video for your business doesn’t have to be hard. Keep your message clear and simple. Start with a template so you don’t have to worry about structure and pacing. Always end with a CTA button to turn your corporate video into an engaging message that drives action.

What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production is the act of making a video for a corporate audience. In the past, corporate video production had to be done through production companies. It was expensive and time consuming. With recent tech advances, corporations can now create videos themselves with only a small investment in time and money.

How much does corporate video production cost?

Corporate video production costs between $1,000-$5,000 for a minute of video, if the video is made through a professional production company. Because of this high cost, many corporations choose to create internal videos (for employees) themselves for a fraction of the cost with online DIY corporate video production software.

Why is corporate video production important?

Corporate video production is important for many reasons. Video is quickly becoming the leading way people consume information. People also retain information in videos better than in text. It’s important for corporations to adjust to this change by producing videos for their customers and their employees.

What is corporate video content?

Corporate video content varies depending on the audience. Corporate video content for employees includes: company-wide announcements, leadership updates, recruiting videos, and employee training. Corporate video content for customers includes: video pitches, social media videos, and landing page videos.

What should be included in a corporate video?

That depends on the kind of corporate video you’re making. But in general, your corporate video should include your logo and company colors, as well as engaging animations that underscore your main points. Consider also adding first-person footage or a voice-over to make your corporate video more approachable.

How long does it take to create a corporate video?

If you use an online video maker, it should take about twenty minutes or less to create a 1-3 minute corporate video. Look for a platform that offers video templates and scenes geared toward a corporate audience. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to make your video.

When making a short advertisement, follow these best practices:

Pro tips

4 tips for creating an engaging corporate video

When you create corporate videos for your most important messages, you help drive awareness, engagement, and action throughout your entire team. Follow these best practices for making corporate videos that stand out.

Create connections with footage

Connection and engagement are easier to foster with first-person footage. This is especially true for hybrid and remote teams who often feel especially removed from leadership, their colleagues, and the bigger picture.

When you make your corporate video, use the Record feature in Biteable to grab footage of yourself or request footage from others on your team without leaving the app.

You don’t have to use first-person footage for every corporate video you create. But footage is a huge asset for sensitive messages, a complex topic, or a video that aims primarily to create connections. A short, 15-second intro message works well. Pair it with graphics and on-screen text for the rest of the video.

Mind your length

There’s no “one size fits all” option when it comes to making corporate videos. But generally speaking, an engaging corporate video is relatively short. Aim for 2-3 minutes max for most messages.

Focus on only one topic in each video, and keep the video as short as you can while still making all your main points. If your message runs much longer than three minutes, consider breaking it up into a series of shorter videos.

Use the analytics tool in Biteable to see how many people watch your corporate videos and what percentage of those people watch all the way to the end. If you notice a majority of viewers drop out at the midway point — or skip them entirely — try creating a shorter corporate video the next time around.

Remember your call-to-action

When you make a corporate video, you want it to stand out. But above and beyond that, you also want it to drive action. At the end of each corporate video you create, add a call-to-action telling people exactly what you want them to do next.

This can be as simple as “Read the full report” or “Sign up for the event”.

Use a clickable call-to-action button to increase the chance people will follow through. When you make a corporate video using Biteable, you can automatically add a button at the end of your video by using the call-to-action tool. All you have to do is plug in a link and a few words of text.

Distribute widely on your existing comms channels

Do you send internal email newsletters on a regular basis? Embed a video in your next mailing. Is your company on Slack? Drop a link to your video in a company-wide Slack channel. Do you manage an intranet blog? Post the video there, too.

The point is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to use video for your corporate comms. Best practice is to use your corporate videos to meet employees where they already are.

Most employees have a preferred mode of communication. For maximum engagement, cast a wide net with your videos. Send each video out on not just one, but all of the comms channels your employees use.

Sharing your video on multiple channels is easy with Biteable. When you make a corporate video, you’ll get a unique link. Post that link in all the places you already share messages. It’s that simple.

Create your first corporate video today with Biteable