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Show the world what your company is all about, and do it with style. Use the Biteable video maker to affirm your corporate identity and boost the profile of your business without the cost of professional video services.

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How to make a corporate video in a few clicks

  1. Open Biteable on your tablet, mobile, or desktop.
  2. Select from our range of corporate video templates.
  3. Log in or make a brand new Biteable account sign up here!)
  4. Get creative. Edit your template or start from scratch, it only takes a couple of minutes.
  5. Boom. Now you’ve got a brand new corporate video. Time to share it around on social media, your website, anywhere you like.

Great investment. I have noticed an uptick in followers on the account I manage for a business.

Devanne, a satisfied video maker

Very easy to navigate and use – massively exceeded my expectations!

Ed, proud Biteable user

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Getting started

Make corporate videos that get watched from start to finish

Corporate videos can be somewhat dry affairs that put viewers to sleep rather than energize and educate. If your video content isn’t engaging, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to strengthen your team or lift your profile.

With Biteable, you can make corporate videos that create a buzz. All you need to do is pick a template, customise the text to your liking, and drop in your logo. All it takes is a couple of minutes – you could even do it the night before your presentation and still have enough time to binge Netflix.

Engage your teams with video

Video is an excellent tool for providing valuable information, much like those captivating short videos on your newsfeed, the ones about how peanut butter is made, or a timelapse of someone making an intricate wood sculpture from scratch. Those ones. People love to learn by watching.

Similarly, people find it easier to engage with videos that present information clearly and succinctly. Between that and a stack of photocopied handouts, it’s easy to guess which will stick with your viewers more.

Give it a shot at no cost

Using our corporate video templates, you can make video content using Biteable’s online video maker in no time. Use it in a meeting, send it around in an email, or upload it to a shared folder for your team to access later. And if you like what you see, you can upgrade to a Premium account to gain access to a bunch of extra features and over 80,000 stock footage clips.

Corporate video production companies can cost thousands per day. Now you can create professional-looking corporate videos in a snap – no expensive video production company or post-production delays. Use it to make your first videos as you explore the platform (they will have a watermark, however, that you can remove by upgrading to Premium).

Big quality in little time

The best thing about Biteable’s video maker is that you won’t have to get someone else to make your videos. It’s been designed for just about anyone to pick up and master in minutes and still have the slickest corporate videos around. Dazzle your team and make your presentations the talk of the office. Such a big payoff for only a few minutes of your team.

Got a corporate video in mind? Grab a template and we’ll run you through it.

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The basics

Make a corporate video with Biteable’s video maker software

Here’s a test: do a quick search on YouTube for corporate videos. There’s a lot of expensive videos out there, but very few good ones. The good news? With Biteable, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make a high-quality corporate video with a full production team. The great news? You can do it yourself.

Here’s how.

Kickstart with a template

To make your corporate video in a jiff, get started by picking a template that suits your needs. Each one has been crafted by Biteable’s team of leading designers and marketers to help you make your video a touchdown.

All you need is to have an idea and a few words to go with it. Need an explainer for your non-profit? Testimonial videos for video marketing? Write your text, drop in a few new scenes, slap your logo on at the end, and you’re good to go. No complex video editing required.

(Yes, it’s really that easy).

Give it that personal touch

Our scenes have been designed for you to take creativity into your own hands. If the music isn’t quite right, no problem. Jump into our library of songs and find the perfect one or upload your own.

Maybe those colors don’t match your brand? Need some studio-designed motion graphics to help bring your point home? We’ve got you covered, boss. Biteable’s online video maker makes it easy (and fun) to tweak the details to your heart’s content. The result? A slick, on-brand, professional-looking corporate video.

Perfect service: Fast, easy to use, pretty interface, and the massive library of stock videos is amazing.

Adrien, video maker mastermind

Pro tips

Make your corporate video sparkle

Congrats – you’re a bona fide video maker. Bet you didn’t expect this was where your day was going to take you. But if you’ve got a few more minutes, we’ve got some more tips for you to turn your corporate video into something special.

Simplicity is beautiful

It can be tempting to throw everything and the kitchen sink into your corporate video – after all, you’ve got a slick video maker that’s going to turn your content into something beautiful. To make sure you get the best return on your investment, it’s important to make sure your corporate video is easy to follow so viewers will remember it. Don’t just drone on about your new product and put everyone to sleep.

For example, start with a simple introduction explaining what your video is going to cover. After that, go through your points one by one and don’t gloss over the details before summarising everything at the end.

Keep the screen clean

We don’t mean literally (although that’s a good idea too), we just mean that when too much is packed onto the screen, the important information can become lost in the noise.

Don’t throw in too many things at once – you’re likely to get a lot more out of your corporate videography if you give your points room to breathe. That way, your team will be engaged from beginning to end.

Write for your viewers

Before you present, have a quick think about the people you want to engage. Are they fresh-faced employees? If so, you’d best steer clear of jargon reserved for top-tier management. Similarly, you don’t have to hold back from using advanced terminology when you’re presenting to a team who know their stuff.

Marketing video? Make sure your promotional videos are written in the language of your target market, and with an appropriate tone.

Give this some thought, and then some more. It’ll go a long way to helping take your video to the next level. Either way, adhere to the above points – keep it simple and clean.

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Further reading

If you’re thirsting for more polish, the Biteable Blog has many helpful tips to help you create a quality video. Written and researched by our team of marketing strategy maestros, they’ll make sure any lingering questions don’t go unanswered.

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