Add music to your video online with Biteable

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How to add music to your video

  1. Upload your footage to Biteable
  2. Choose a track or upload your own
  3. Export your video (with music)

Add audio to your video like a pro

Music is a powerful thing. It can make us feel happy, sad, angry, you name it. And when you put music over video, something truly magical happens.

Use Biteable to easily make a video with music and take your visual masterpieces from “oh, that’s nice” to “you made this yourself?!?” Here’s how:

1. Upload your footage to Biteable

Start by logging in to Biteable and creating a new video project. Or hit this link to do both at once: Get started now. Then click “Start with an empty video” in the toolbar to create a project from scratch or get started with a template.

You’ll be launched into the Biteable video editor. Tap the canvas, then hit “Add scenes”, followed by “Upload”. Select the video you want to add.

2. Choose a track or upload your own

Now it’s time to add a song to your video. Hit the music note icon down in the timeline. Choose from a musical masterpiece in the royalty-free Biteable library or upload your own audio file.

3. Export your video (with music)

Try out your new creation by hitting the preview button. Happy? Export your video. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to a premium plan later on to remove the watermark.

I would absolutely recommend [Biteable] to anyone looking to create awesome content quickly.

A delightful video maker

I love it! So easy to create beautiful videos for my client to use in social media and advertising.

Video-making genius

A better audio adder and an equally nifty blog

Biteable 3.0 is the best way to add MP3 to video. But it also has a ton of other handy features and uses. Take a peek at the Biteable blog to learn more about video making.

Give your video the audio it deserves