Video Template for Praise Videos

Praise and recognition are essential for happy, productive employees. Use this video to show your team you care. Hit edit to automatically apply your brand, then type your message to get started.

Appreciation message for three individuals, gareth plotnik, amanda nathus, and zachary diogo, featured on a vibrant yellow background.
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Smiling woman with long dark hair on a red background, framed by a white circle; text reads "hey, Julia!" crafted using Biteable video maker.
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Group of eleven diverse women smiling and standing in a modern office environment, with a caption "kudos, marketing team" below them, featuring a Biteable video maker.
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Laptop displaying a message that reads "this video is going out to the ui design team.
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Portrait of a smiling woman with text greeting 'hey valentina, we just wanted to say...' on a yellow background.
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Two polaroid-style photographs pinned on a red background, celebrating individuals named simone grady and xiu chen.
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Use Cases

Human Resources

Create HR videos that drive your company further


Optimize operations with videos that reach your team

Thank you

Make ‘thank you’ mean more with a personalized video


Celebrate every occasion with video

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