Make free video ads online and run rings around the competition. Use the Biteable software platform to turn your advertising ideas into business-boosting videos.

What would you like to achieve with your new video ad?

Promote a product
Sell more stuff with pro video ads. Edit this video ad in minutes or pick another from our big template library.
Sell a service
Make your service a success with unstoppable video ads. Either customise this video template or another.
Advertise an event
Fill more seats with engaging video ads. Personalize this video — or a host of others — in the time it takes to read this page.
Market a course
Make your course a must-see with show-stopping video ads. Edit a video ad now and you’ll be done in minutes.

Make free video ads in a snap

  1. Open Biteable on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  2. Choose an advertising video template.
  3. Log in or make a new Biteable account - sign up for free!
  4. Customize your video ad template with your text, photos, and videos. Or start from scratch.
  5. Share your video ad to social, embed it on your site or download it for later.

I had no video making experience at all and was able to easily produce glossy, modern, and very high-budget-appearing videos in a single lunch hour.

Andre, a relieved video-maker

One of the best video makers online. Easy to use, customizable and most importantly, PROFESSIONAL. The clips provided are so clean, modern and not at all tacky. Tons of options for logos, free music for videos and so much more.

Aaron, video-maker (not his day job)

Why video

Grow your business with video ads

Like ketchup at a barbecue, advertising videos are an essential part of every business’s marketing toolkit. If you don’t have great advertising videos, you’re missing a key opportunity to sell yourself.

Biteable’s free online software platform makes creating advertising videos foolproof. Simply pick a template, edit text and drop in your logo. In five minutes you’ll have the best-looking video ads on the block.

Get started with zero investment

Traditionally, creating beautiful and effective video ads meant either learning how to use video editing software or hiring a professional. Either way, it was expensive.

Now you can make professional video ads without investing a dime. Use Biteable to make your first video ads for free while you discover the Biteable online software platform. The video advertisements you make are yours to share or embed - without charge. Upgrading later will remove the watermark.

Release consistently gorgeous videos

Power your marketing with video ads that can’t be ignored. Creating stunning video ads is a snap with Biteable thanks to our huge library of animations, footage, and effects.

Unlike most video makers, Biteable has its own team of animators creating content, in-house. This means that when you make your video ads with Biteable, you don’t have to upload your own content. Simply edit a template and - abracadabra - you’re done.

Save time for other things

Pick a video ad template from the Biteable library. They’re fast and easy to edit so that you’ll have time for other important things like watching Baywatch reruns and pruning your miniature plant collection.

The basics

Customize your free video ads to match your brand

Effective marketing communicates your brand at all levels. It doesn’t have to all look the same, but everything, including your video ads, should share the same personality. This helps you convince customers without confusing them.

Biteable makes personalizing your video ads easy.

Use templates as an easy foundation

To get your video ads made fast, start by picking a Biteable video ad template. Every template is created by a marketing professional to help you tell your story better.

With a Biteable template you can skip the intimidating tasks of storyboarding your video ads and creating content. All you need to do is add in your logo and tweak the text to match your business.

Add some flair with your colors and music

Take your video ads to the next level with your brand colors and your own choice of music. Color customization is simple with Biteable, allowing you to tint every slide in your video with a single click.

Set the mood for your video ad with the perfect track. Either choose one from the big Biteable library or upload your own - whatever gets your customers buying.

Or create the perfect video ad from scratch

If you’re feeling creative, you can also make a completely custom video ad with Biteable. Mix and match animation, footage, and effects until you’ve got the perfect ad.

With Biteable, you don’t need to worry about supplying your own content. The big Biteable library has everything you need to make compelling advertising videos. All you need is a logo.

Just brilliant! We have created a series of marketing videos for our company... which we publish every week. The software is remarkably easy to use... We love Biteable - a great marketing and teaching tool.

Kate, a happy marketer

Pro tips

Take your video ads to the next level

Once you start using Biteable, you’ll be turning out breathtaking videos in no time. Follow these simple pro-tips to make your video ads as effective as possible.

Keep your ads short

Short and punchy nearly always does better than long and drawn-out. Try to keep your video ads under the 30-second mark. Shorter, like 15 seconds, is potentially even more effective.

Keep length in mind when you’re selecting a template or creating your video from scratch.

Solve the viewer’s problem

It is tempting to make longer videos - so you can tell as much as possible - but all the viewer really needs to know is how you’ll solve their problem.

Avoid listing all your (fantastic) product and service features. Instead, explain briefly how you can make the viewer’s life better.

Entertain your audience

You’ll know from experience that if content isn’t entertaining, then it’s not worth watching. Whether your video is humorous, factual or serious, make sure it’s captivating.

Biteable makes it easy. Immerse yourself in the Biteable template library to see all your options. There are hundreds to choose from. Go with the style that best suits your brand and the story you want to tell.

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