Extract audio from video for free

Extract audio from video and get a MP3 or WAV audio file from your video using this free tool from Biteable

How to extract audio from a video

Upload your video

Drag or upload your video file into the audio extractor tool above. The maximum file size is 500MB.

Choose your audio format

Select which format you’d like your audio download to be. Choose from MP3 or WAV.

Click “Extract audio”

Hit the “Extract audio” button to extract the audio from your video file. Your audio file will instantly download.

Free online audio extractor

Extract the audio from any video for free. Compatible video formats include MP3 and WAV. No sign up required.

Easily create and extract voice-overs

Extract a voice-over track from your video file with one click. Use the Biteable video maker to attach any voice-over to your video projects as a new voice-over layer.

Save and edit just the audio

Only need the audio from your video file? Easily separate the audio from the video with Biteable’s online audio extractor tool. Download the audio to safe-keep, or edit just the audio to add effects or improve quality.

Update tutorial videos without redoing the voice-over

Easily update tutorial and how-to videos without re-recording the voice-over. Extract the audio file from your original video, then attach the voice-over to your new screen recording or video walkthrough.

Not just the best way to extract audio from a video

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