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Digital graphic of a Biteable video maker interface with "how to get started" heading and an overlay of a person writing in a notebook.

Learning videos that don’t take all day

You’re busy. That’s why Biteable makes video creation as easy as writing an email. Build your first education video in the time it takes to make a coffee.

Script mode

Type your video to life in minutes with Script mode

Diverse animations

Choose from hundreds of inclusive and customizable animations

Branded Templates

Pre-made on-brand templates make learning videos a cinch

Videos that make an impact

Optimize learning with Biteable’s powerful Record tools. Record yourself, your screen, or invite others to get in on the educating with Record Requests.

Screen record

Show don’t tell — share exactly what you’re seeing

Record yourself

Harness the power of first-person updates

Record requests

Invite others to make a cameo in your video

A smiling man gives a thumbs-up in a video call interface with a woman waving hello, accompanied by a "start recording" button.
Graphic showcasing statistics for a management training program, indicating 120 views, 98 completions, and availability in 4 locations.

Know what works with analytics

Measure the success of your training or tutorial with up-to-date analytics. Know what works and who’s engaged without leaving Biteable.

Magic link

Share via your unique link, update your video whenever you need

Clickable CTAs

Inspire action with a clickable CTA at the end of your video


Know who’s seen your update with viewer and location analytics

Educate with video templates for every message

Choose from hundreds of templates designed to engage your team. Brand them with your font, colors, and logo with a single click.

Four animated infographic styles available for use.
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A dark blue heart with the text "benefits explainer" on a purple background.
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Human resources announcement on a policy update.
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Abstract blue design with the text "company mission" on a dark background.
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Emergency protocol guide with title 'safety response procedure' on a yellow background.
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Guide on resetting your password with a padlock icon on a purple background.
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Frequently asked questions

Tips and tricks for better educational videos

Aim for short and digestible

Attention spans can only handle so much. Aim to keep your video as short as possible — ideally hitting no more than three key points per video. Consider creating a video library to house all of your training videos, and add new videos as you need to.

Link to further info

You don’t need to fit everything into your video. Highlight the key points you want your audience to remember, then link to a more comprehensive summary where more info can be found. Use Biteable’s built-in clickable CTA to link directly to your follow-up doc.

Try a template

Here at Biteable we love video templates. We think you’ll love them too — they’re the fastest way to creating a stunning, studio-quality video. Designed by the pros so you can focus on your message.

Better team communication begins with better videos

Reach your team with professional videos tailored to your message and brand. Try it for yourself and discover the impact you could be making.

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