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Pull your brand out of the shadows — create a moving video logo that gets you noticed.

Did you know scientists from the Duisburg-Essen University discovered that we process video faster than static images?

This gives businesses using an animated video logo an unfair advantage over the competition. But how do you join their ranks when you’ve got limited time and resources?

We believe you should be able to animate your logo in minutes without spending a small fortune.

With our logo animation software, you can transform your logo into an attention-grabbing animation before your coffee gets cold — even if you aren’t “techy” or you’ve never used our video logo creator before. It really is that easy.

I’ve recommended you many times…love the product. Easy to use. Regular updates and new stuff. Price is right.

— Steve, a recent convert to video marketing

Why animate your video logo?

Because an animated logo makes your brand spring to life. It leaps off the screen, like the famous MGM lion roaring its way into your heart before the movie starts.

Adding an animated logo to your business, promo or YouTube videos makes your brand memorable and helps grab viewers’ attention.

Your animated logo is the hook. It’s an effective way to break through the noise. And once people are paying attention, you can show them why your products and services are the perfect fit and guide them into the right marketing funnel.

Look as pro as you feel

Take your business further with a wonderfully animated logo.

How to animate your logo

We talked about why you should make a video logo. Now it’s time to actually do it.

1. Log into your Biteable account. No account? Sign up for free — it takes seconds and is guaranteed to be 10 times easier than evenly warming up last night’s pizza in the microwave.

2. Select “Create a New Video.”

3. Click “Start From Scratch” and give your project a name.

4. Click on “Upload”, select “Image”, then scroll through all the different scenes and choose your favorite.

Upload your logo and you’re ready to go! Want to add your logo to a video? Check out our full making-a-video guide.

Want to make your animated logo into a looping GIF? Check out our guide to doing that here.

Video logo tips

How do you make a great logo?

Keep it short. Your video logo is there to grab the viewer’s attention and make them remember you — keep it between 5 and 20 seconds (one scene in Biteable should do it).

Choose the right sound. Pick your music carefully so it supports and enhances your message. Be crystal clear about what you’re trying to communicate. What emotion do you want to make the viewer feel? Focus on that. Depending on where you’re using the logo, you might not need sound at all.

Create with your audience in mind. Your logo should represent what you and your brand stand for. Dust off your ideal client profile and use it to guide the video logo creation process.

Best animated logo video examples

Need some inspiration before creating your own video logo? These classic examples should get your creative juices flowing.

20th Century Fox, 2009

Drums thunder as the camera swoops in over the 20th Century Fox logo, illuminated by floodlights. Everything about this video logo, from color choice and positioning to the music, is bold and resolute. 20th Century Fox aren’t confused about who they are and what they stand for.

Dreamworks logo

The DreamWorks video logo oozes calm. Shades of blue and white accompanied by dreamy music create a sense of peace and wonder. As we zoom out to see the logo itself, the music picks up energy, setting the mood for the story to come.

Marvel Studios Logo 2016

With a runtime of a little over 30 seconds, the Marvel Studios logo is one of the longest ones out there. However, Marvel know their audience and are perfectly aware of the power of the movie franchise they’ve built over the last ten years.

They start with a more traditional opening, using sketches from the comic books, and gradually move to scenes from the Marvel movies, showing the transition of their characters from comic page to big screen. This is a clever way to bring the different parts of the brand together, remind us of their past achievements, and set us up for what comes next.

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