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How to make a movie online

Choose a template or start with a blank slate.

Use Biteable’s smart movie maker tools to customize text, colors, images, and footage to your heart’s content.

Download your movie or share it with a single, trackable link. (And check “movie creator” off your bucket list.)

Haily shows you how to make a movie with Biteable’s movie creator.

Best-in-class templates

Start with a professionally-designed template to make your movie in less time.


Automatically apply your brand colors and logo to your movie.

One-click editing

Streamlined and smart. Add new scenes, animations, video clips, and music with the touch of a button.

Getting started

The easiest online movie maker and movie-making tools

Biteable is an online movie maker that turns your browser into a powerful video-creator. Make professional-grade movies without paying professional-grade prices for video editing software.

There’s nothing to download. No need to take a video editing course. It’s so simple, anyone can make a movie with Biteable.

The only limit is your creativity

The Biteable online movie maker app comes complete with stock footage, animated characters and text, audio tracks, and on-screen effects for every genre and purpose.

Shooting your own footage? No problem. Upload video clips or shoot new clips from within the app by using the Record tool. Edit videos and make your movie pop with special effects and music in Biteable’s simple drag-and-drop online video editor.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Video templates for everything

Making a video for Instagram? Need a YouTube channel trailer? Creating movies for video marketing? We’ve got you.

You don’t need to spend hours scouring Google for answers, or reach back to remember all that stuff you learned in a video editing course in college. Biteable has a nearly endless supply of templates.

Choose the perfect template for your movie making needs. Then upload your own video clips and audio. Or use stock footage, photos, and premium music tracks from the Biteable library. Finish by sharing your movie and taking the rest of the day off.

“I have been using Biteable since its inception. The new editor is outstanding!”

“I’m one of the first clients of Biteable and since then their services have grown beyond my expectations and imagination.”

The basics

Make professional movies (in all video shapes)

The thing that separates a high-quality video from an amazing one is detail. Biteable’s online movie maker gives you everything you need to add the finishing touches that take your social media videos, YouTube videos, video marketing, and all your other movies from good to great.

Save time and money with stock footage and audio

A strong library of stock footage and audio tracks lets you focus on the important things, without having to cut your movie too short or limit the number of scenes. Stock footage means you can spend less time filming because you’ve always got the perfect B-roll in your pocket.

Likewise, stock footage and audio remove allow you to unleash your creativity, regardless of your video equipment or the amount of time you spend filming. Biteable offers a massive library of stock footage and audio tracks. You get all the visuals and sound you need to produce mind-blowing videos.

Want to add your own music tracks or voice over? No problem. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons. We promise.

Add text and logos for a movie that works on all your channels

It might sound crazy, but people now watch videos without sound more than they watch videos with the sound on. You need text and logos for your movie to achieve the full effect and communicate your message to people on their phones and scrolling social media.

With Biteable, you can add animated text that matches the aesthetic of your movie for all those watching on mute. And, you can include your logo, so everyone knows who made the masterpiece they just watched (and how to get in touch with you, if you want).

Always the right video specs

Video publishing platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo all have their own native video sizes, which makes it virtually impossible to record one video that works on all social media and video sharing platforms.

Biteable gives you the power to produce amazing videos in any shape, any aspect ratio, and the right video format for all your channels. You can also resize your own footage as you need.

Shoot once and then publish on multiple platforms for maximum exposure.

Make your movie online in minutes.

See the difference video makes for yourself with a week’s worth of free videos for your business.

Pro tips

How to make a movie that gets all the attention

There are so many reasons to make a movie online, but there are a few must-dos to make your movies great. Follow these fundamentals to rack up views (and accolades) in no time.

Start strong

Regardless of how long your video is, you need to get attention immediately. There are so many other things competing for your viewers attention. The solution is to start your movie with something catchy. Put your coolest movement, flashiest colors, and most intriguing text in the first few seconds — anything that stops people scrolling.

Tell a story

Stories are one of the best attention getting devices we know of. People engage with stories more, and process information better through them. A story keeps people watching and helps them understand and retain your message.

Even a very simple video can have a story. All you need is a central character — that character can be you — and that central character needs to do something (or tell about how they did something). They may or may not be successful in their endeavor, but people engage with stories to find out if the main character succeeds.

Remember that you’re making movies here. Use visuals as well as words to tell your story and make a powerful video.

Direct people what to do next

You put all your creativity into your video (though it didn’t take much time, because you used Biteable. Right?). Don’t waste all the attention you’ve captured. Always include a call-to-action at the end of your video. Even if it’s a simple request, take the opportunity to ask your audience to do something.

Ask them to give a like or subscribe. Tell them to shop at your website. Or even ask people to contact you. It’s easy to do with Biteable’s call-to-action tool.

Videos get attention. Make the most of that attention.

FAQs: All about online movie makers and creating a movie of your own

So you’re ready to make a movie online, but you have a few more questions. No problem. We’ve got answers about all things online movie makers and creating a movie of your very own.

Can you really create your own movie?

You can definitely create your own movie. Most movies are still made using pro equipment, but a growing number of movie makers now use everyday tools accessible to anyone, like smartphones and online movie making apps. Sometimes, the result is even more artful. (Famously, Lady Gaga’s music video for ‘Stupid Love’ was filmed entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro.)

How do I make a movie online?

To make a movie online using the Biteable movie creator:

What is the best online movie maker?

If you back us into a corner, we’ll always say Biteable is the best online movie maker (can you blame us?). But no matter what app you use to make a movie online, choose one that has enough features to make a professional-quality video, but is still easy enough to use based on your skill level.

How can I make a movie trailer online?

You can make your movie trailer online using the same tools and process you used when you made your full movie. Check out our tips and tricks for making a captivating movie trailer: here.

Become a video legend with Biteable’s online movie maker

Making a movie online? Look no further than Biteable’s online movie maker.

Easily upload and edit your own footage, or choose from over 1.8 million stock clips, images, and studio-quality animations. You can even record new video clips from directly within the app.

Add a voice over to your movie with the touch of a button. Include animated on screen text for that extra touch. And when you’re ready, download your movie or share it on any platform with a single, trackable link.

What are you waiting for? Go make a movie online!

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

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