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  2. Choose an eye-catching cartoon template that your audience will love.
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  4. Add your own text, cartoon clips from our library, backing music — whatever you need to become the animated cartoon maker you always knew you could be.
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Getting started

What’s the deal with cartoons?

Why cartoons? Won’t it make your brand look childish and immature? The short answer: Nope! Everybody loves cartoons. They transport us to magical places where anything is possible, and they’re fun and engaging. Here are a few more reasons why you should jump on the cartoon bandwagon:

Forget about boundaries

Did you know that just about every culture in the world makes cartoons? Also, cartoon characters can be created without any specific nationality, age, or gender. Which means you cartoons have the ability to appeal to anyone and everyone. They’re universal. Kiss those cultural roadblocks goodbye, friend!

Build trust with your audience

Cartoons have a way of gaining trust. After all, that cute talking bear, friendly robot, or informative professional-looking character would never say anything untrue, right? Biteable is the ultimate cartoon character maker and gives you access to friendly faces you can use to win the trust of your viewers.

Tackle important subjects

Lastly, because cartoons are otherworldly and often humorous, they can easily soften the blow of touchy topics or make traditionally dull subjects more interesting. When you need to say something controversial (it happens, we get it) or boost the fun factor in your videos, use a cartoon.

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The basics

The cartoon video maker you’ve been waiting for

Can we agree that cartoon videos rock and may be the perfect solution for your needs? Great, but one question still remains: how do you go about crafting stellar cartoon videos that win attention? With Biteable it’s both easy and affordable.

Save time, use a template

Biteable is the perfect cartoon animation maker for busy and/or creatively challenged people. Our library is stuffed to the gills with professionally designed animated templates. All you have to do is select one that catches your eye and make it your own. Most folks are able to do it in about 10 minutes, leaving plenty of free time for noble pursuits like ant farming and LEGO.

Let your creativity flow

We’ve done the hard work and created stunning templates for you to use. But that doesn’t mean your inner Picasso can’t come out to play. Customize your cartoon videos with your favorite colors, add fun video clips, and add music to give your masterpiece a bumpin’ soundtrack — either from the royalty-free Biteable media library or your own.

Keep it budget friendly

You can try our feature-packed cartoon animation maker for the can’t-get-any-lower price of zero dollars. Want to remove our watermark and get access to premium content? Upgraded plans will cost you way less than that avocado toast addiction you can’t seem to kick.

Jump in and make cartoon videos in minutes

Pro tips

Release your inner cartoon creator

Biteable is the only tool you need to make attention-grabbing cartoon videos. Follow these pro tips and you’ll be making award-worthy creations in no time flat.

Make engagement a priority

The best cartoon videos engage viewers on a deep level and keep them watching the whole way through. To keep eyeballs glued to your work, remember to keep your videos short and sweet, 15 to 60 seconds is ideal. Also, write your video’s text in a conversational manner. This will make your videos more relatable to viewers.

Punctuate like a boss

Punctuation makes video text easier to read and will help you get your point across — use it! Commas, question marks, brackets, the full shebang. And while we’re on the topic, plz refrain from abbreviations, thx. Lol.

Contrasting colors are your friend

Want to make your cartoon video pop? Choose the right color combinations and it will. You know, your blues and yellows, reds and greens, pinks and purples. Not only will proper color contrast make your videos easy on the eyes, but it will also ensure your text is easily readable without squinting. If your viewers have to squint when watching your cartoons, they won’t watch for very long.

Further reading

More knowledge, better cartoon videos

Boom! Now you know how to easily create captivating cartoon videos. But there’s always more to learn. Dive into the Biteable blog for a digital smorgasbord of video tips, tricks, and best practices.

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