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Strengthen your company culture with video

Boost morale and reduce turnover with digestible video updates and announcements. Present the information that matters most in the format today’s workers expect — video.

Align everyone on the big stuff

Prevent your most important news from being skimmed or overlooked. Help your critical communications stick the landing with concise, informative videos. 

Celebrate the small things

Milestones, anniversaries, and achievements are core to the employee experience. Celebrate them in a way that shows you care with animations and videos personalized for the individual or team.

Set new hires up for success with video onboarding

An effective onboarding is crucial for retaining staff and getting the jump on productivity. Don’t make the mistake of relying on text and presentations. Make your onboarding efficient and engaging with videos tailored to your company. 

Learn more about creating training videos that drive success with Biteable.

Hybrid and remote-friendly

Defy timezones and distance with a library of on-demand videos. Easily turn dry information into engaging videos that are ready to watch 24-7 from any location. 

Create videos once, update on the fly

Ensure your new hires are only getting the latest with a single version of every video. Avoid outdated versions and make unlimited updates whenever things change.

Recruit more effectively for less

Attracting top talent is harder than ever. Bring in the cream of the crop with standout recruiting videos that cost a fraction of what recruiters and agencies charge. Easily make a new video whenever a vacancy opens. Learn more about creating recruiting videos that secure top talent with Biteable.

Video job ads that stand out

With everyone fighting for talent, the bar for job ads has risen. Shine on LinkedIn and job boards with superior recruiting videos. Combine polished animations with text and footage to make compelling videos that present your vacancy in its best light.

Improve the recruiting experience from beginning to end

A positive recruiting experience is critical in today’s market. Show applicants that they have your attention with video updates that spell out the process, set timelines, and sell your company.

Biteable HR videos work wherever you do

How HR teams use Biteable

HR teams around the world use Biteable to improve their culture, accelerate onboarding, and recruit talent. Imagine what you could achieve. 

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“I wear all of the hats — I need my comms to be professional and awesome, and I have an hour to do it. Biteable is definitely a game-changer for me. It’s next-level information sharing. “

How to make branded HR videos yourself

What makes the Biteable video platform different

Strikingly simple

The fastest and easiest video maker available, hands down

Always on-brand

Seamlessly brand your videos without checking your brand book

Collaborative for teams

Create videos and give feedback as a team from anywhere

Templates for everything

Start quickly with HR-specific video templates created by HR pros

Contemporary animations

Choose from a huge library of animations, icons, and text effects

Record instantly

Easily film yourself, your screen, or gather recordings from others

Power up your HR team with video