Combine your videos online with Biteable

How to merge videos

  1. Upload your video footage
  2. Merge and add a transition
  3. Export your merged video

Join videos together like an expert

Biteable’s video combiner lets you quickly merge footage and add transition effects.

From fancy fades to slide-ins that are smoother than Barry White eating ice cream, merging videos has never been easier. Here’s how:

1. Upload your video footage

Start by logging in to Biteable and creating a new video project. Or hit this link to do both at once: Get started now.

You’ll be launched into the Biteable video editor.

To add your first piece of footage, tap the canvas, then hit “Select background”, followed by “Upload”. Select the video you want to add.

To add your second piece of footage, hit “Add scene” in the timeline. Then select “Upload”, and pick your footage.

2. Merge and add a transition

Your footage is now magically merged. If you want to add a transition, hover in the space between your video clips on the timeline. Tap the white arrow that appears and choose from swipe up, swipe left, or a dreamy cross-fade effect.

3. Export your merged video

Try out your new creation by hitting the preview button. Happy? Export your video in a snap by upgrading to a premium plan.

I love it! So easy to create beautiful videos for my client to use in social media and advertising.

Video-making genius

I would absolutely recommend [Biteable] to anyone looking to create awesome content quickly.

A delightful video maker

Not just the best way to combine videos

When you’re done editing, don’t forget to visit the Biteable blog for more tips about video making and video marketing.

Merge your videos just right