Attract top talent with a recruiting video

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Videos that capture your company’s lightning

Capture what makes your company stand out from the crowd. Share insightful, engaging, and info-packed recruiting videos that’ll stop your dream candidates in their tracks. 

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Attract your perfect candidate

Find your perfect fit with branded videos tailored to every role. Swap yawn-worthy paragraphs for short and unmissable recruiting videos that reach and engage your ideal candidates. 

Stop the LinkedIn scroll

Text-based job listings are so 2020. Stay ahead of the competition with personality-packed job postings that get to the heart of your role and stand out in crowded LinkedIn feeds.

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Thrifty, time-saving recruiting videos

You’re busy and professional video production is expensive. Build a show-stopping video on your lunch break with intelligent DIY tools that make creating videos a breeze. 

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Hybrid and remote-friendly

Defy timezones and distance with the power of video. Easily turn dry information into engaging videos that are ready to watch 24-7 from any location.

Video creation created for everyone

No design experience? No problems. Anyone can create high-quality, on-brand videos with Biteable’s pre-made scenes and templates. Yep, even you — or Steve from Marketing.

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Personalize the hiring process

The recruiting process can be rough for everyone. Make yours feel more human with video’s uniquely personal touch. 

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Templates for every stage

Keep your candidates updated on the entire hiring process with video. Outline next steps, introduce your interview panel, and share exciting or difficult outcomes with personalized video templates.

Videos as diverse as your candidates

Create videos that reflect your company’s diversity initiatives with hundreds of inclusive and customizable animations. Find the perfect image or video clip in Biteable’s stock library, or easily upload your own content whenever you need. 

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Recruiting videos that work wherever you do

How recruiting teams use Biteable

Recruiting teams around the world use Biteable to attract top talent, highlight their company, and personalize the recruiting experience. Imagine what you could achieve. 

Hiring videos
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A woman in a yellow top presenting a "team recruiting culture video.
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Culture videos
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A modern office space highlighted with the phrase "what it's like to work here.
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A person at a wooden desk with a laptop, featuring text "introducing the office".
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Policy videos
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A graphic promoting guidelines for remote work categorized by location, featuring a simple illustration of glasses and documents.
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Graphic created with Biteable video maker, featuring the text "flexible/hybrid work policy" on a teal background, along with an illustration of a book and glasses in the corner.
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“Biteable videos are essential for engaging teammates who will never set foot in our office. They’ve also dropped our video creation time by 75%.”

How to make branded recruiting videos yourself

What makes the Biteable recruiting video maker different

Strikingly simple

The fastest and easiest video maker available, hands down

Always on-brand

Seamlessly brand your videos without checking your brand book

Collaborative for teams

Create videos and give feedback as a team from anywhere

Templates for everything

Start quickly with recruiting-specific video templates created by the pros

Contemporary animations

Choose from a huge library of animations, icons, and text effects

Record instantly

Easily film yourself, your screen, or gather recordings from others

Find your perfect candidate with Biteable